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la bruschetta vs. hot house cafe

pick one, any one, but only one!!! :)

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    1. no contest: la bruschetta

      1. La Bruschetta for sure!....plus they have a fantastic $25 winterlicious right now.

        1. I don't know the hot house, but I will be a party-pooper and say that la Bruschetta's food seems to be in decline, judging from my last two or three visits. Same charm, and the menu still sounds interesting, but the sauces seem more and more like store-bought: salty and creamy, but no subtlety or finesse.

            1. Just an FYI. If you are taking public transit along St Clair, be advised that the street card turns around way before Bruschetta due to construction. Take the bus from st clair west station. If you are on the street car heading west from Yonge, switch to the bus at St Clair West subway station.

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                ooh, that's good to know, thanks mikeb. but we're driving, so ... no concern there. good for everyone else to know tho. :)

                but mikeb, you didnt vote! >.<

                hmm, but i thought i heard good stuff about hot house cafe .. so despite the good stuff, la bruschetta is still better?

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                  to me Hot House is barely a step up from Pickle Barrel. I'd go there in a pinch (or if I'm with people who are less than adventurous eaters) but not if I had other options.

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                    Well, if you are driving then the car FYI is that you can't park in front of Bruschetta due to the right of way construction. No mind though, there's a wellmarked green P on Greenlaw--a block east from the restaurant--and street parking on the side streets.

                    As to my recommendation...I've never been to either. I'd recommend Bruschetta just so you could head to La Paloma or Novecento for dessert and/or coffee.

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                      Hey jennjen18, I haven't been to la Bruschetta, but have been to Hot House. My advice is to avoid Hot House! The only time I would ever recommend it is for large groups looking for a big brunch.

                  2. La Bruschetta

                    La Bruschetta
                    1317 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E1C2, CA