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Feb 1, 2008 07:42 AM

dinner in dover, nh


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  1. does anyone have an opinion on The Barn and Tavern?

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    1. re: dovergirl2

      I'm a big fan of The Barn Tavern ~ I'm a Dover girl, too, and this place is definitely one of my local favorites. Currently, my favorite dinner menu choices are the pork osso bucco ~ braised pork shank with portobello mushroom polenta, grilled asparagus and braising reduction ~ and the tuna sushi martini ~ raw Ahi tuna with wasabi aioli, shoyu glaze, and shaved cucumber over sushi rice, topped with Wakame salad and pickled ginger. I've been there quite a few times (including a couple of casual business lunches) and never had a bad meal there. The staff is friendly, too, and owner Todd Alberto truly cares about his customers.

      1. re: gemini222

        I never knew this place existed - I will have to check it out - anyone know if this is related to the old Anthony Alberto's (Now Ristorante Massimo) that was in Portsmouth, NH?

        1. re: bergzilla

          Todd Alberto used to be a co-owner of Anthony Alberto's.

          1. re: gemini222

            Thanks - we loved Alberto's and have not tried Ristorante Massimo's maybe we will head up to Dover for some casual dining goodness.

    2. Barn tavern is pretty good . . . love the wooden bar, nice service.

      1. okay, so since i posted this we gave The Barn Tavern another shot...we have eaten there several times over the last couple of years and found the food to either be excellent or just okay. Todd and I believe his son, are both very attentive, but unfortunately the inconsistency of the food quality has made us frequent other restaurants more. Our new favorite remains Christopher's Third Street Grille. We ate there for Valentine's recently and it was fantastic! Both the food and the service were outstanding.