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Oct 5, 2001 07:07 PM

Basque Food

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I know there's Basque food in Bakersfield and Chino, and that the Basque restaurant in Rosamond just closed down. Is there anything closer to L.A.? A friend told a friend that one recently opened up in the city. Thanks.

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  1. I cannot vouch for the quality as I've not been, but the LA County public health site lists the following restaurant:
    Le Chalet Basque
    119 N 2ND ST
    La Puente, CA.

    Good luck.

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    1. re: jerome
      richard Foss

      I went to Chalet Basque a few years ago and had good hearty food with friendly but slow service. I have meant to go back but just haven't been in the area. If you do go, please report.

    2. There are also several in Chino.

      Centro Basco on Central Avenue in Chino is good. They do a family style dinner on weekends (similar to Noriega's. I haven't eaten at the others.

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        I know if you go to Tijuana, directly across the street from the Jai Alai is Chiki Jai where many Jai Alai players have eaten for years. I went there many times over 20 years ago when I was at UCSD. Now I live in Spain and can confirm its the "da kine" (killer) as we say in Hawaii