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Dorchester/Roxbury suggestion?

What's the name of the Carribean place that everyone likes? It's a pleasant restaurant, I was there but can't remember. And it's not on Blue Hill Ave. so it wasn't Merengue. A friend and I are gonna check out a new place next Wed. and I'm thinking of Mrs. Jones or Pepper Pot or something a little off the beaten track. Thoughts? Also, I think he'd like to be able to drink a beer. Thanks.

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  1. Flames?

    Mrs Jones is a take-out place with a small counter. No beer. There is a pub 2 doors down though.

    1. Hope it wasn't Callabash which was on Morrissey Blvd because that's closed. They didn't have an alcohol license anyways.

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        I didn't even know it opened! How long was it open?

        Was it in that little mall where the Einstein bagel place used to be?

        1. re: C. Hamster

          I don't believe they were open more than 8 months. Too bad because they made some great conch fritters. Unfortunately, they didn't have a beer and wine license and it wasn't the best spot to get in and out of. It wasn't in the mall area but rather a small freestanding building that may have been a takeout spot at one time. I know that is vague but it's early.

      2. Pepper Pot is a great little Jamaican storefront, counter service only, on Dudley Street just east of Dudley Square. Inexpensive, super-casual, and quite delicious.

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          Thought about that place too. I just searched 'restaurant on Bowdoin St. in Rox' and realize I was thinking of Cesaria. That's kind of the style I'm looking for. Merengue might work. Does Mrs. Jones serve beer?

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            No beer or seating at Mrs. Jones.

            Take out with a very small side bar with a couple of stools that you can eat at if you want.

            Food is real good though.

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              Was it maybe Restaurant Laura? People on the board used to talk about that place a lot when it opened. I have never been there but remember thinking it sounded nice.

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                Restaurant Laura is on Columbia Road, outside of Upham's Corner, headed toward the turn that brings you down to Dot. Ave. and 93. It's quite nice and the fish dishes are particularly excellent.

          2. I love most of the food at Mrs. Jones, though their runny, goopy mac and cheese isn't for me. The pork chops are fantastic, though, and their corn bread is worth the drive.

            But yes, no beer there.

            Have you been to Chau Chow in Dorchester yet? The food is pretty good, and you can definitely get a beer or two there. Other places I really like in Dorchester (all of these are on or near Dorchester Avenue) include Shanti for Indian cuisine, CF Donovan's for mostly American food, Pho So 1 Boston or Pho 2000 for Vietnamese, and Common Ground for organic, healthy dishes.

            1. I second the Pepper Pot talk and would like to ad Singh's Roti to the list. It has gotten mixed reviews here but I love the curry chicken and the home made hot sauce is unlike anything else I have found in the city.
              Perhaps you are thinking of Flames near Chez Vouz?
              Or this:
              Lorenz Island Kuisine?

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                I like Singh's pumpkin side dish. Unfortunately, the roti (bread) itself has been dry and mealy the last few times I've had it. Still a nice option in the area.

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                  Like I said, it was Cesaria I was thinking of. I think we're gonna give Mergengue a shot.

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                    Merengue is wonderful! My word of advice, though - stick to seafoody things, I have found their meat dishes to be somewhat dry.
                    My favorite things to get are the paella, and the red snapper in coconut sauce.
                    Don't leave without trying their tres leches cake, mmmm.

                2. If you make it down to Mrs. Jones, check out Esprit du Vin in Milton Center. It specializes in wine, cheese, and bread, and the owners are outstanding.

                  They pointed me to an exceptional bon bouche goat cheese from Vermont last weekend - after it was polished off, it was hard to resist going back for more.

                  It is a real asset to the community, and only a few blocks from Mrs. Jones. Other interesting places on Mrs. Jones' block include Common Ground, which stands out for the unique interior alone. The soup and sandwich menu, and the house iced tea are very good. The little Thai place is also good. Flat Back coffee around the corner is good, and has a new roaster.

                  All are accessable from the Milton or Central stops off of the Mattapan trolley at the end of the Ashmont Red Line, but would be best appreciated in decent weather, as the sit-down options are limited.

                  Everyone is hoping that conditions permit many of there places to allow tables inside.

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                  1. re: chowfamily

                    Where exacty is this Espirit du Vin you speak of????

                    1. re: C. Hamster

                      It is at the intersection of Central and Elliot Street. If you cross over the trolley tracks at the Central stop coming from Dorchester into Milton, it is the first shop on the right.

                      That is one way of getting there, but may not be the most convenient. If you call them at 617-296-9463 they could help direct you.

                      One of these days I plan to organize a houndish get-together for those of us in the area!

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                        That's right nearby me, thanks.

                        I have not yet been to Gypsy Kitchen but I was a regular at the Faneuil Hall stand.

                        I MUST get there soon.

                      2. re: C. Hamster

                        Be sure to call ahead because I didn't find the hours to be consistent. They do have some nice cheese selections though. But I still prefer Gypsy Kitchen In Quincy Center.