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Best deli

We moved to Montreal from Chicago last fall. My wife is Polish, which means ham, kielbasa and other deli meats are a necessity of life. Now, it does seem that the Polish community in Montreal is rather small, so we have mostly abandoned any hope of finding a deli comparable to what we had in Chicago. However, we figured there must be other Eastern/Central European places specialized in hams and sausages where the turnover is high (for freshness purposes) - or just more generally a good deli. Does anyone have a place to recommend?

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  1. Howdy!

    Hands down and without any comparable competition: La Vieille Europe (3855 Saint Laurent)

    1. Welcome to Montreal. Hope you are learning to love our city (trust me, winter doesn't last forever). I am also polish, so maybe I can help you out. There are a few good polish places in and around Montreal. My personal favourite is Felix Mish.

      1903, rue Jolicoeur, Montréal, QC H4E 1X4
      Telephone : 514-766-2094

      He makes a few great varieties of Kielbasa and other cold cuts. You can also buy packi, babki and other delicatessen products.

      There is also Bucharest

      Bucarest Charcuterie & Pâtisserie - 514-481-4732
      4670, boulevard Décarie , Montréal , QC H3X 2H5

      Which is a Romanian place (hence the name LOL) but that has an incredible selection of important jarred/canned goods. They also have cold cuts that are up to par (a very busy place so high turnover) but the kielbasa is not the best. The service can also be a little unpleasant at times.

      You have the Wawel bakeries (there is one small small one in the Jean Talon Market) and one on the corner of Girouard and Sherbrooke"

      Wawel Pâtisserie Boulangerie - 514-483-1042
      5499, rue Sherbrooke Ouest

      That has a selection of charcuterie - I cannot vouch for it though as I have never bought any there. Packi are made all day, and are fresh and gooooood.

      You have a charcuterie on Decarie near Monkland: Chopin

      Chopin Inc - 514-481-0302
      4200, boulevard Décarie , Montréal , QC H4A 3K2

      That has a bit of everything - 99% polish products. You can also get a meal there (sandwiches, pierogis, bigos)

      Twice a year, there is a polish Bazaar in NDG where you can sample and purchase charcuterie from various providers, as well as eat a hot meal (flacki, bigos, pierogi, naleszniki etc). There is one in November and one in early Spring.

      I am sure there are also some smaller charcuterie places in the East end, which used to boast a fairly large polish population.

      Good luck

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        Don't forget Euro-Deli Batory (115 St. Viateur West near St. Urbain, 514 948-2161) with a small but nice selection of Polish breads, pastries, cured meats and other products plus home cooking for takeout or eating on the spot.

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          There is also a very big Polish store on Masson, I believe. I'll update this if I find the very store.

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          I will second Felix Mish! I have never been, but we had a friend who was Polish, and would always buy their Kielbasa from there, and serve it at her parties... wow that is great sausage. Thanks for reminding me of their name, Maisonbistro! Now I have a major hankering for kielbasa.

          Euro-Deli Batory has probably the cheapest meal for 2 persons around. For about $13 you get perogies, hunters stew, kielbasa, cabbage rolls, goulash and potato dumplings. And Bread in case you're still hungry. We have been known to buy this special for takeout at the beginning of a weekend, and have meals for the time. It is great rib-sticking cuisine, perfect for this crappy weather. The trick is getting there when they are open. They close early on the weekends (like 2:00 PM on Sunday).

          1. re: moh

            Have either of you tried Felix Mish's own smoked meat? If yes, what do you think of their smoked meat?

            1. re: BLM

              I have only had the Kielbasa from Felix Mish I'm afraid.

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                I didn't even know he made smoked meat. I have tried all his kielbasas, his debreciner sausages are fantastic, and his smoked pork loin is also great as is his bacon. I am a Schwartz's purist though, so I don't think I would even bother trying it. I need the whole package - soft Rye, yellow mustard, fries, cherry soda.....


                1. re: maisonbistro

                  Wanted other people's feedback on their smoked meat. I go to Felix Mish for their smoked meat first(specify the fatty parts), their sausages is secondary(usually get their debreciner sausages if I do get sausages).

              2. re: moh

                Not being a connaisseur, and not having gone in about 20 years, I always thought Mazurka's (on Prince-Arthur) was a dandy, inexpensive meal for a starving student.
                BTW, does Felix Mish smoke his own sausages? I wonder if I could throw some of my own in the mix...

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                  I have had some very inexpensive, satisfying meals at Mazurka! It is the one resto on Prince Arthur that I have no problem eating at. I haven't eaten there in a while, as we moved away from that neighbourhood (that part of the Plateau was getting way too expensive for our real estate budget), but I'd happily eat there again. Very filling food.

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                    I haven't been in a while, but to this pole, the best polish food is in Old Montreal, at Stash's.

                    Cracovie used to be good, but since they moved to Gatineau (the street not the town), it's not maintained it's quality.

              3. Don'T forget Slovenia on Clarke (right before it becomes St-Urbain)

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                  Gotta say not a big of Slovenia, but that's just this pole.

                2. There used to be a Polish community in Hochelaga-maisonneuve. If you drive on Hochelaga and Rouen street around Iberville, there are a couple of polish stores. I don't know the names of the stores but drive on those 2 streets east side of Iberville and you will find a couple, if they are still open.

                  There is also a polish epicerie on Masson between 9th and 8th avenue.

                  1. Thanks everyone! I'm gonna have to try all those places. Today I'll dig out the car and check out the Masson épicerie, and maybe Felix Mish later. I'm quite intrigued!

                    1. OK, so we tried out Charcuterie Varsovie on Masson, and we were quite impressed, definitely the best we've seen so far: fresh meat, lots of polish products, nice street (I really like that area, very Montreal), so thanks a lot! ext on the list is Felix Mish.

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                        Just had a piece of Kielbasa from Felix Mish! Thankyouthankyouthankyou Maisonbistro! It is just as fabulous as I remember, by far the best I've had yet! And I'm even comparing the ones I had in the Peg... I gobbled down two pieces already, and I am trying to resist finishing off the whole dang thing! Who cares about the lentil sausage stew, let's just eat sausage! (hmmm, that could be taken the wrong way, what with it being Valentine's Day). We have popped open a nice spicy Zin to go with this, should be yummy.

                        1. re: moh

                          Ah...Felix Mish. One of the city's best kept secrets. Wasn't it amazing?

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                            Due to this thread, I went to Chopin on Decarie Monday night and purchased some sausage. I got 1 lb of kielbasa, and some other sausage, one in which there is more garlic. Both were quite tasty. Thus far, Chopin's kielbasa has been the best I've tasted, even better than the artisanal kielbasa that the sausage shop inside Atwater Market sells. BTW, Chopin also sells schnitzels, too, if anyone's interested.

                            Now that said, I still haven't tried Felix Mish's kielbasa. I was going to go tomorrow afternoon, but now based on the rave reviews (and the fact that I've only got a little bit of sausage left at home), I just may go this evening.

                            So aside from the keilbasa, what other sausage or food from Felix Mish's is not to be missed?

                            1. re: Chai Latte

                              I can vouch for the kielbasa and the Debreciner sausages only, as that is all I have had from there. Just had a chunk of the Debreciner sausage (hope I am spelling that right) and it is heavenly. Very hard to resist just squawmming through the whole piece.

                              1. re: Chai Latte

                                I wouldn't bother with Chopin's prepared schnitzel. ( but that's just me) If you've never tried their soups though, you're missing out. Definitely some of the best frozen soups in the city, especially the pickle soup. Just don't go in there when they're smoking their sausages, I couldn't get the smell out of my hair for two days!

                          2. In today's Montreal Gazette, for their 'Taste of the Town' series, they visit Verdun this time. They mention a establishment for Polish food specialities named Polonia. Polonia makes home-made perogies, soups, sausages, homemade cakes, including cheesecakes. They're at 383 de l'Eglise street, Verdun. You might want to check them out.

                            1. Since this thread has been revived, I'd like anyone's opinion.
                              Theres a deli about a block east of Quebec Smoked Meat on the other side of the street (Center St.). I've heard it referred to as 'Wayne's' and I think there's hardware-bought lettering on the door saying, what else, 'waynes'.
                              I've heard rave reviews on their kielbasa.
                              I did drop in a few times (mostly to pick up musztarda "dobra tesciowa" lzy wyciska z naztezszego chlopiska which is one of my favorite hot mustards...) but not being a connoisseur myself, was wondering if anyone has tried his kielbasa and their thoughts.

                              1. In today's Hour, Karpati (who's been sussing out a bunch of interesting below-the-radar places lately) sings the praises of Euro Polonia (1565 Amherst, 514 223-4240), an eat-there or take-out place. Polish in the Village -- who knew? Too bad about the hours: weekdays 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., "that's it, that's all."