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Feb 1, 2008 07:19 AM

Phx- Taste of India or Cuisine of India

Hi All,

I did a search on Indian Cuisine on the board and unfortunately got all posts that had the word Indian or Indian School in it so needless to say not very helpful.

Can anyone recommend the two following restaurants for lunch/dinner?

Taste of India on 16th street and Bell


Cuisine of India on 29th ave and Bell.

Looking for a lunch spot today and the general craving in the crowd is Indian.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Tandoori Times off Indian school road is awesome!!! It doesnt seem like its traditional indian food, but its really good. If your looking for authentic indian I would go to Udupi off Scottsdale road I think its just south of McKellips.

    1. taste of india has ALWAYS been a lovely, family owned, amazing yummy food (i die for their naan) establishment. i highly recommend it.

      1. DH and I LOVE Taste of India. We used to live near there and would go there all the time. Now we live farther away but it's still the only Indian place we'll go to. And their naan IS fabulous.

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          There is a Tandoori Times on 59th Ave and Bell....they do great Lunch Specials!
          I had a lamb dish the other day w/ garlic naan...they brought over a bowl of wonderful Dal to enjoy w/ it!

        2. Thanks everyone, It looks like Taste of India it is. It's pretty close to work.