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Feb 1, 2008 07:08 AM

Remembering Simon's Pub-Butcher's Hill

Does anyone know what happened to the chef at Simons? I believe his name was Mark. Simon's had great food.

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  1. Last I heard, they moved to California.

    1. He's at the Annabel Lee Tavern on Clinton and Fleet. It's a new place, very nice atmosphere and of course Mark's killer food. A review from the Sun... usually don't agree much with Ms. Large but Sam Sessa I like (we are of the same generation perhaps)

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        I ate there for happy hour on friday and was indeed very happy! I'll def be going back for a more expansive menu. I had the tuna aupoivre. Nice pieces of fresh tuna, crusted with peppercorns and just seared ever so slightly. Served with a dipping sauce. I think it was $7 a pretty great deal for the portion size. based on this I'm excited to go back and try their full menu, the gentleman next to me had some great scallop dish served w/ a grain - i think perhaps a risotto, which he said was very tasty. Go early, it's tiny (6) tables or so and it got very busy-hard-to-get-a-seat-busy by 7pm!