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Feb 1, 2008 07:02 AM

Any suggestions for GOOD kosher wine?

I am visiting my parents soon and am pretty sick of drinking the Manishevitz that for some reason stays in their frig year round. I want them to expand their taste, but I don't really know what is good. Suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. White? Red?

    For white and not much money, I'd go with Baron Herzog Chardonnay
    For red and not much money, I'd go with Carmel Cabernet Sauvignon

    1. On the assumption that you do not have access to some of the larger selections available in a few stores, I would recommend a Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon.

      1. We just visited the Rimon winery in Israel. They make pomegranate wine and we had a wine tasting at the winery (I also understand they just won Kosherfest's award for best new kosher product). they had 3 types of wine, dry, semisweet and dessert wine.
        I enjoyed the dry wine very much. Pomegranate wine is a very good anti-oxident too (even better that pomegranate juice). I'm pretty sure it can be obtained in the states

        1. It depends on what you have access to, but for the mass market Kosher wines, I prefer Baron Herzog and Hagafen. One of my favorite Kosher wines however is Spanish, Celler de Cap├žanes Montsant Peraj Ha'Abib Kosher. Their Flor de Primavera is also Kosher and enjoys a good reputation worldwide.

          1. My two favorite kosher wines:

            Red - Baron Herzog Zinfindel (red, not white)
            White: Hagafen Riesling

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              There are many excellent kosher wines on the market these days. Goose Bay, out of New Zealand, makes a delicious pinot noir and a wonderful sauvignon blanc, both at a reasonable price. I would happily drink them even if they were not kosher. Yarden, an Israeli winemaker, makes fabulous wine. Their dessert wine, a muscat, is particularly drinkable, although sweet.
              Several Italian winemakers are also producing excellent kosher wines, these days.