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Feb 1, 2008 06:53 AM

cooks on line [Moved from Home Cooking]

any thoughts about Cooks' Illustrated on line? Anyone use it much? Is it worth the extra 20 bucks a year?

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  1. I had a subscription to CI, which also allowed me access to the site. I used it once to find a particular recipe (which, in the end, I wasn't a huge fan of), and then perused their equipment reviews for about 20 minutes. There are so many other free resources for recipes online, I can't imagine actually paying extra for their service.....

    1. I have been subscribing to the magazine for a couple of years and occasionally watch the television show.

      I try ~6-8 of their recipes a year, but have incorporated many of their methods in my cooking.

      To me, CI recipes are middle of the road. The staff (on the tv show) seem to be technically qualified but not "ethnic" nor "authentic". The foods they cook are "cafeteria or dorm food flavored".

      1. I agree with Jazzy77. There is so much online - no need to pay for the advice. I do like their cookbooks so I probably spend more than $20 a year already.

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          Thanks - that pretty much sums up my thoughts - I know that CI takes no advertising for the magazine, however an extra $20 seems a lot to be able to access their website completely.

        2. I paid up for the online version and then dropped the magazine. All of the recipes from the magazine are online (and usually several weeks in advance of print publication) and I had less to recycle. If you're willing to skip the hard copy, the website serves all of the needs I have.