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Top NYC Marzipan (Preferably Downtown)

Hello! So my girlfriend has been craving Marzipan for the past few weeks. Given that V-Day is coming up, I'd like to service that request with some of the finest Marzipan New York has to offer. I live downtown so it'd be easier if it were downtown, but if there's something somewhere else thats not to be missed, I can travel.

The trouble is, I don't know what it is - never had it, never even thought about it. So I'm totally lost. Can someone help me out on this? Appreciate it!

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  1. I love it but try to stay away from it - but I think Dean & Deluca carries it. Will post back if I think of anything else - too bad the little German candy store - Elk - closed.

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      I too am looking for a good marzipan place. Elk was my favorite. Can anything compare in the city?

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        You know, I think that Teuscher might have marzipan ...

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          Li-lac on Jane at Hudson/8th has Marzipan. I've never tried it but they definitely have it - both the little fruit shaped ones and chocolate dipped.

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            They have a shop in Grand Central...the marzipan wasn't bad, but nothing special. Nothing compares to Elk that I've had thus far.

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              I like the marzipan at Li-Lac. And very cute. Bright green w/some dark chocolate!

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              Yes, Teuscher's does make very good marzipan.

        2. Many shops all over sell boxes of chocolate covered marzipan under the brand name "Mozart kugeln." They're delicious, if not the same thing as a chunk of pure marzipan, more freshly made, shaped into a form.

          1. Teuscher offers chocolcate marzipan pieces that are very good. Dean & Deluca sometimes carries some very cute hand-formed marzipan figures in the French style(mostly animals)... some Italian bakeries will carry pretty, hand-painted Sicilian marzipan in fruit and animal forms. You should try and find out what kind she prefers, though. For instance, I really enjoy the German type, which you can find in many specialty/gourmet food stores throughout the city (Garden of Eden), as well as at the German/Austrian stall in the food market at Grand Central.

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              Teuscher makes excellent marzipan, on the very high end.

              But you should go to Schaller & Weber! They have many selections of marzipan to choose from.

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                I wonder if Sant Ambroeus (sp?) might have them?

              2. How far downtown did you mean?
                Veniero's on 11th St just west of 1st Ave carries marzipan.
                I've never tried their marzipan, but you usually won't go wrong with their other products.

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                  I wouldn't agree that you usually won't go wrong with their other products. I've never tried their marzipan, though.

                2. bakery on sw corner of 28th and 3rd - maybe called delise. homemade and as good as any you'll ever have!

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                    any idea what this called, if I am using google right it looks like there is a bodega at that corner.

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                      La Delice. Actually it's a block south, at 27th.

                      La Delice
                      372 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

                  2. Russ and Daughters carries it.

                    1. http://www.leonidas-chocolate.com/mar...

                      While searching for marzipan makers, I found this thread. The above link takes you to my absolute favorite marzipan maker in NYC....but I'd love a few new rec's for Mother's Day!

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                        Black Hound on 2nd Ave has a very good mini cake made of marzipan. All their cakes are really yummy.

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                          oh my god yes i come from a family of marzipan fiends too and the busy bee cake at black hound is delicious (if you like chocolate too...) so much so that my sister got a giant one for her wedding cake!

                      2. Hi, Schaller & Weber in Yorkville (2nd Ave./ 86th st.) carry the original GERMAN MARZIPAN! Good luck!

                        1. Randy

                          the best marzipan in the entire world is made at a bakery in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. It's a place called Villabate on 71st street and 18th avenue.
                          I mean the best ever!

                          Well, at least according to me!

                          I love the stuff , and have had the best and most expensive available and I have had it all over the world as well - No one makes it as good as the bakery in Bensonhurst!
                          First of all it is absolutely beautiful to look at, but more importantly - the taste is almondy and not too sweet. The inside is always soft and has a perfect texture in the mouth.

                          Trust me when I tell you - it is worth the trip to Brookly (I think the B train is your best bet)

                          I did a google search and came up w/ this - it has some photo's of the marzipan too.

                          Good luck!!

                          1. I agree with whoever said Black Hound...their Bee Cake (or mini version) is awesome and full of marzipan. For the best marzipan petit fours I have found Balduccis on 14th St and 8th Ave. Far better than La Delice on 27th/3rd Ave.

                            1. Do you work for them? Seems like you pulled up every marzipan post from the last couple of years and wrote the identical post in each thread.

                              1. Even tho the top marzipan maker has closed its store it is selling on line. Try elkcandycompany.com or google Elk Candy Company