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Oct 5, 2001 04:20 PM

Saito's Sushi

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What's good to order here? any special dishes? also, do they serve sashimi or sushi topped with caviar? Or is this place more geared toward the everyday, not gussied up style of simply prepared sushi and sashimi? I'd like to try this place and see how it measures up to my favorites (katsu, kazu, and nozawa)? Regarding price how does it compare to Shibucho? and lastly, is the toro or ankimo (monkfish liver) and uni (sea urchin) very good here and I've heard that they serve a tempura soft-shell crab, how's that?

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  1. Hey, Kevin. As you could probably guess from all the refs in my posts, we go all the time. Love Saito -- the place and the chef. He's a total sweetheart. Won't serve California rolls, but won't give attitude either. He's extremely experienced -- I know from hearing his sushi war stories -- and used to be at Katzu on Hillhurst, then opened his own place when they closed. Haven't been to katzu in studio city but i think his place compares favorably to the late k on third and old katzu -- saito's not as fancy though, either in ambience or food presentation. No caviar. Prices probably a little less too -- definitely cheaper than shibucho. Let's see if I can answer more questions... we always get omakase, and i'm sure he'd do that for you if you asked, although i think most people order by the piece... my favorite things lately, in english, i can never remember the japanese, have been scallop sushi (some special kind of large scallop he's been getting in) and salt water eel (usually not as good as freshwater but his is exceptional)... toro's good (though not as good as i had at shibucho)... softshell crab roll is great... monkfish liver last time he told me wasn't in season, but i'm sure he'll be getting it in... his urchin i've liked but haven't had it enough at saito or elsewhere to comment on relative quality... that's all! hope it helps...

    FYI Saitos is in a grungy pink minimall at Sunset and Fountain across from Akbar.