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Feb 1, 2008 06:46 AM

Charlotte Restaurants - some more questions

Have found a few more interesting places since my initial posting and was hoping for some comments from hounds who have been to either:


Thanks everyone for all the comments and helpful suggestions. I am really looking forward to visiting and I absolutely promise to report back after my visits.

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  1. I've been to M5 and loved it. I got an appetizer of mussels that were phenomenal and a tasty salad. It's a gorgeous restaurant. Even the ladies room was stunning. But definitely as much a bar as a restaurant. The bar area looked a bit like a meat market. We went on a wednesday and it was packed and very loud.

    1. Noble's is also very good. In fact, it probably ranks in the top 5 best restaurants in town, if you exclude all of our high end steak houses.

      1. M5 has great food and spotty service. The noise level is a bit loud, but all of the food is very tasty. Nobles is one of my favorites in Charlotte. My top two are always Nobles and Barringtons. If you do go to Nobles, do not miss the oyster salad.

        1. Helen Schwab, Charlotte Observer Food Critic, reviewed M5 this Friday. Here is a link to her review:

          1. M5 is a be seen kind of atmosphere, the food is delicious, one of my favorite dishes in the gnocci app. There is also a lamb dish on the menu that was really nice. I went with a group of people and tried everything on the table, we all enjoyed our meal. Totally skip dessert, I have given them three or four tries, it is a fantastic idea, they serve tiny portions, so you can have a choice of three, but they all taste like the refrigerator. The last time I went there, I ordered ice cream, thinking that has to be good and it tasted like the fridge too.
            Just had lunch at Nobles a couple of days ago, it was salt city. Sometimes chefs are too heavy handed with the salt.

            The best restaurant near those restaurants is Barrington's on Fairview. Chef Noble opened a casual dining place, Roosters near South Park mall and it is a great place - Nobles is more expense account where Roosters is meet your friends for a bite.

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              I finally went to M5 tonight. Service - Right on. He was impeccable. Food - decent. I think I could have bought some hummus at Harris Teeter, drizzled olive oil on it, and it would have tasted the same. But it was nice the way it was presented with my pinot noir outside on the patio. Anyone else been recently? Any more current thoughts?