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Feb 1, 2008 06:08 AM

Chako - New Korean BBQ In East Beaver Creek

Wanted to post a quick note on a new Korean BBQ resto called Chako. Went there last night with the famliy for a birhtday dinner and it was fantastic.
All you can eat includes miso soup and salad to start then you get your meats, salads, some veggies for grilling and steamed rice.
Hubby was a little dissapointed that they didn't offer liver but that didn't bother anyone else. The meats included salmon, white fish, chicken, lamb, pork, beef, ox tounge, pork rib...I may be forgettting some but you can see the selection is good. I also liked that they offer mushrooms, zucchini pcs, green peppers and pineapple chunks as well.
Everything was very fresh, fish pcs were a good size and of course the food kept coming for as long as we wanted.
Lastly they came with either green tea iced cream or a mango pudding...both good as well.

Mon-Thurs for dinner $16.99!
Weekends $22.99
Lunch only $9.99

Highly recommend !

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  1. Can you confirm that this is Korean BBQ, done by Koreans?

    Not the "so-called Korean BBQ" places like Walker Hill, or Grill House on Queen West? Those places are horrible.

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    1. re: ghetto_scarlem

      Well this place isn't horrible and yes, I am pretty sure they are Korean.

      1. re: yummum

        no ... they are chinese ... and no its not authentic kbbq .... but it is good ... and you can also go next door afterwards for bubble tea ... lol ... it an hk night out!

        1. re: slants

          Where on East Beaver Creek? How's the decor? Is it nicer than korean grill house on Commerce Valley?

          Is it a smaller meat selection for the lunch price of $9.99? Thanks.

          1. re: caitlink

            I finally went today. Great value for lunch. For $9.99, you get beef ribs, ox tongue, chicken, pork, fish and squid. Bonus is you can also grill mushrooms, zucchini and pineapple. Service was great. Pretty decor and clean washrooms. What more can you ask for? Plus they changed the grill halfway thru. Most places don't do that. I would definitely go back.

            1. re: caitlink

              there's another chako near steels/kennedy, on Silver star Blvd. That one is Japanese style bbq, it used to be charcoal, then tey switched to gas stove....

              1. re: amphetamine

                is it still there? the only chako i see is in the same area but now in the international food court. instead of doing bbq, they do taiwanese food - such as beef stew noodle and fried pork chop on rice. has anyoen tried it out?

                1. re: amphetamine

                  The one at East Beaver Creek is a Japanese BBQ.
                  The one at Silver star was also a Jap BBQ, but it is now closed and this new place is where it moved to.

                2. re: caitlink

                  That's great news if they're willing to change the grill. We've been to other places where they won't! Nothing worse than eating charred food (which is already bad for your health).

                  We pass by the Midland location and wondered how it was. Must give it a try.

                  1. re: red dragon

                    Went to Chako at Midland/McNicoll for lunch today (Oct 11th, Monday) - $9.99 each.

                    Better than other Korean BBQ's we've had, the portion are generous. We finished everything but one of the chicken dishes (not sure if they recycled it?).

                    Service was very fast and efficient ... and friendly. In reference to a post here, our waitress understood English & Cantonese with no problem, so we didn't have a language barrier.

                    They did change our grill without a hassle, as I mentioned in my post above, other places, most times, we'd get hard time.

                    I noticed that tables for 4 had 2 grills as well.

                    Small note, but I did miss the curry potatoes that they had at other Korean BBQ places.

                    Dinner does consist of more items, including the sushi, hand rolls and rolls.

                    Not bad, but not something I'd want to eat regularly.

        2. I highly recommend this restaurant. It is not an authentic Korean BBQ operated by Koreans, however the quality of food, service, and decor is oustanding. I've been to countless KBBQ's across the GTA especially Markham, and this is the best. Although I typically visit Chakos for lunch, I recommend the dinner as you are privy to 4 types of AYCE sushi, as well as additional apps and vegetables, most notably pineapple.

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          1. re: Munx

            We favour this place too for Korean BBQ' dont really need authentic for Korean BBQ's since you do the cooking yourself and the marination is pretty much the same....

            Never knew about the time limit though....Service has always been decent,fast and you get what you ask for pretty quickly,never had an experience where they have forgotten something...considering how busy the place is..definitely recommended...

            1. re: warlock

              i'd have to disagree .. .marination would not be even close to authentic places.
              the chinese run places more than likely use the bottled stuff

          2. Chakos is part of the Destiny's (that BBT place) chain, so it's run by Chinese people. It's not authentic, but the decor is current and favourable and the service is nice. The time limit is two hours. I've only had experience with the Midland one, and the staff are mostly Mandarin speaking so there might be a bit of language barrier, even if you speak Cantonese. Otherwise, it's a good place and I would probably go again. However, their Japanese-side menu is pretty limited to the weekends only.

            1. Staff party there tomorrow. Now I'm excited