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Oct 5, 2001 01:22 PM

Best War Won Ton Soup

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Ok, I know that War Won Ton soup might not be everyone's most exotic chinese dish, but I have a weakness for it...when it's done right.

I work in Pasadena and live in Santa Monica. My question is - are there any places (outside of monterey park) that are between Pas and SM where I might stop in to pick up a large portion of good, fresh, well-made War Won Ton soup (or other notable chinese take-out dishes) for dinner? Chinatown recommendations would actually be OK if there are any, as it's just a hop off the freeway. (I already have a quick-stop at Phillippe's down to a small science.) Also appreciated would be possible all-day dim sum spots for take out that fit the same objective.



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  1. The won ton at Mayflower, 800 Yale in Chinatown is quite good.

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      Oops. Mayflower burned down a few weeks ago. They're planning to temporarily relocate to the space at 685 S. Spring St. in the next few days.

    2. Try Full House on Hill. Just get off the Pasadena Fwy at Hill and it's on the first block on the right hand side.

      1. The original comment has been removed