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Feb 1, 2008 05:28 AM

the burbs!

hi chow folks -- me and my eating buddies have trawled our way pretty successfully through boston and cambridge, and are looking to explore some great out-of-the-way places we might not have reached on foot or on the T.

in particular, any advice on peruvian, korean, ethiopian, vietnamese or cambodian places would be very welcome, but we're open to any gems you might know of. being california ex-pats, we also know that divine food can be found in strip malls... so out-of-the-way can be interpreted more in terms of distance, not necessarily being hidden down a country lane!

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  1. Have you exhausted East Boston & Winthrop?

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    1. re: Taralli

      Winthrop we have not tried -- any suggestions there?

      East Boston we've done two Peruvian places -- Rincon LimeƱo, and another other smaller place nearby, where we had chicken and anticuchos. But if there's others I've missed, I'd love to hear!

      1. re: turtl_girl

        Angela's Cafe for Mexican food near the airport T stop(numerous posts on this board about this place). For Winthrop, hounds have posted about Alia Ristorante and Kasbah(Moroccan) in Winthrop. There's Cambodian Floating Rock in Revere. Have you been to Tunisian Baraka Cafe in Cambridge?

        1. re: Taralli

          Thanks for the recs! I'll do some digging on those. I have been to Baraka Cafe, it's a nice spot.

          1. re: turtl_girl

            Also do a search on Chowhound for Vietnamese and Cambodian, include the New England board. Pho 88 and Southeast Asia are particular favorites.

            1. re: raddoc

              raddoc speaks of Lowell. It's definitely worth a drive out this way, especially for SEAsian food. Go to Phien's Kitchen for their wonderful Larb and Tongue and home-style pho. DaLat has a couple of locations. For Banh Mi try Yummy's Express.

              Coming up Rt 3 on the way to Lowell, stop by Billerica for Sichuan Gourmet - wonderful long wonton soup, dan-dan noodles.

              A drive to Lawrence will net you a couple of nice Korean places. Garden House is a mom&pop Korean place with lots of noodle-soups and some Japanese dishes, but no sushi/bbq. Hee Bin is more upscale and has bbq and sushi.

              Driving out west on Rt 9 to Natick will get you to a couple of polar extremes when it comes to sushi. Oga's is one of the best traditional experiences, they always offer some very special ingredients and a $$$ but worthwhile omakase. On the other side of the highway, you have Minado - the quantity vs. quality debate winner. For about $26, it's all you can eat - with a much more diversified menu than your standard Chinese buffet. They have all kinds of sushi (fresh, albeit mostly cheap rolls - but there are some decent pieces of robot nigiri, and sashimi tuna and salmon). But they also have a grill station with kalbi, some very nice salads (including jellyfish, tuna and beef tataki), and edible tempura, udon soup, shumai, etc.... It's cheaper at lunch but they don't have all the selection. It's not the best of anything, other than category of $26 stuff yourself with mass quantities - but when you're in that mood, it fits.

              1. re: applehome

                thanks!! this is great... will report back on our travels. :)

                1. re: applehome

                  Nice suggestions! While you're off Rte 3 on 3a in Billerica at Sichuan Gourmet, keep heading towards 128 and stop on your left at New Jang Su for Korean BBQ

      2. Floating Rock in Revere for Cambodian :) Also Mittapheap in Lynn, which has a bigger menu with other non-Cambodian items, but I like Floating Rock better. Mittapheap has very authentic and more fishy dishes.

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