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Feb 1, 2008 05:21 AM

Aguila y Sol Closed?

We are in Mex. City and tried to take a reservation for Aguila y Sol. According to our conceriege, the restaurant is closed. He recommed Pujol and after reading reviews here and in some magazines, we decided to go. The food was very good and so was the service. I had the mahimahi al pastor and the capichino squash blossom soup. I could barely sleep it was so good. Maybe someone on here knows what happened to Aguila y Sol.

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  1. I just ran a search and found an article in the Reforma paper from Jan 18, 2008 that they didn't meet certain standards set by city officials, so the restaurant seems temporarily closed. The article is small and didn't mention any specifics. I'd post the article, but it would probably get deleted and that would irk me:-)

    1. I called a few days ago and it is still closed, but the woman said that they were hoping to open again by the middle or end of next month (April). Hope that helps.

      1. The article I read said Aguila y Sol was closed by the city because in their new location they do not have off-street parking. Well, everyone in Mexico City knows that very few restaurants have off-street parking, but they continue to operate because they are paying-off the right people. When you see a "Clausurado" sign on a restaurant or bar, it is because the business has not paid the extortion demanded by city officials.