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Feb 1, 2008 05:00 AM

Latest and Greatest Dim Sum in SGV?

So what's the latest and greatest dim sum house in SGV?

Been to all of the usuals. NBC, Ocean Star, Sea Harbour, etc.

I haven't tried Mission 261, but heard it was a hit or miss.

It's been at least two years since I've done dim sum there...What's new and exciting?

There's Elite, but the last few comments on it was sometime early last year. Is it still tip top?

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  1. Not as much new stuff, and none have been great, like the Kitchen or Emperor Taste. Haven't tried New Capital yet on Valley.

    My favorites for ordering off the menu are Sea Harbour, Elite, and Triumphal Palace.

    For cart service, I still like Empress Harbor as my top choice, followed by 888 and Ocean Star. Not impressed with NBC or Capital Seafood.

    1. Right now Triumphal Palace is my favorite for Dim Sum.

      1. choctastic put together a little hound gathering at Elite a couple months ago, and yes, it was still tops. I think of the nearly two dozen things our table ordered, one item, perhaps two, landed with a clunk. Everything else was rated solid to excellent.