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Feb 1, 2008 04:26 AM

Middle Eastern Madness

I've become very interested in Middle Eastern culture and cuisine and was hoping that someone could provide me with tips on restaurants in and around the Philly area. I'm willing to travel far for the best.

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  1. i think two of the best in center city (not as good as what i had growing up but what i go to here for quick and easy) are Cedars on 2nd street just off South and Alyan's on 4th just off of South. I also go almost every weekend to pick up stuff for home from Kamal's Middle Eastern in Reading Terminal Market. (always nice to have a few pieces of bourma lying around !)

    1. Not a sit down restaurant, but Bitar's on 10th and Federal does really good (and cheap!) take out. They are also a fully stocked Middle Eastern grocery.

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        Bitar's isnt' a 'sit-down' restaurant, but you can sit down there, they have maybe half a dozen hi-top tables.

        Make sure you grab a few of their pastries, they're great.

      2. For "Middle Eastern" in the burbs:

        Yalda Grill Kabob in Horsham
        Shundeez in Chestnut Hill
        Persian Grill in Lafayette Hill
        Arpeggio in Spring House

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          Thanks to everyone for the tips I'll check these out maybe tomorrow, for now I might check out the Bhangra at the Museum of Art!

        2. My two favorite Middle Eastern places in the Philadelphia area are Bitar's (already mentioned by Philly Ray) and Zeps in northeast Philadelphia. They have a website with their menu at It is located at 9965 Bustleton Avenue. I particularly like their chicken kabob platter.

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            I had the opportunity to eat at Zeps a few times when I used to work in that part of the city. It was very good, but my favorite item on their menu is the hommus, described as "chick pee dip served with pita"

            Chick pee...yummy