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Feb 1, 2008 04:26 AM

Greensboro Area - Vietnamese Food?

Looking for good Vietnamese food in the Greensboro area. (Reasonably priced, laid back).

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  1. All places are pretty casual. Even the place with the best atmosphere,Saigon, is casual.

    Food wise I still think Saigon is top of the heap for all but soups.

    You have loads of Viet places

    Saigon - great bun thit nuong (grill pork over vermicelli) and clay pot dishes. quail is good as well
    Pho Hien Vong on Spring garden near market - good bun salads and pho
    Van Loi II - on HP road behind Napa auto - great pho and duck soup. Also have good selection of hot pots. bun was a little greasy last time I had it
    Taste of Vietnam on Wendover - decent pho have not tried the other dishes.nice looking room
    Pakse Cafe - hole in the wall @ freeman mill and florida st. (you can also get blenheims in the barbershop in the same strip) great roast pork banh mi, the mixed meat or chicken - not so much. good papaya salad and occasional viet or cambodian specialties
    Nu Trang(sp?) a new place on HP road though the service seems in different it is in the same center as Van Loi II. encyclopedic menu quality is average in my experience(used to be in same center as Pakse)
    Pho Vietnam Restaurant - decent pho, menu says they have banh mi but I have not tried them
    There is one other that I know of but have not been to. It is just ast Giacomos on HP road

    Try them all, let us know your thoughts

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      Ly's is the one just past Giacomo's. It was the first Vietnamese restaurant in GBO and was very good until Mrs. Ly stepped out of the kitchen some years ago.

    2. I agree with the Saigon recommendation. It gets crowded early. Several years ago Saveur ranked it one of the top five Vietnamese restaurants in the country. Definitely worth a try and the wait.

      Have fun.