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Feb 1, 2008 04:23 AM

Alberto's/ Newtown Grill

Has anyone been to Alberto's, now called Newtown Grill lately? Has the food improved or gotten worse since they've revamped? How is the service? Thanks for your replies!

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  1. I'm interested in knowing as well. I could never understand how the same owner of Trattoria Alberto in West Chester, which serves great food, could serve such crappy fare at the Newtown Square location.

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      I actually went to Newtown Grill tonight to see how the food was and I would give it an 8 - 8.5. I got the chicken portobello and it was fairly tasty, not top dry, and salty enough. My boyfriend got the rigatonne with sausage and broccoli rabbe which was really good. The only thing was as it cooled, it tasted a little too oily. We also had the pear salad which was really good, blend of bitter and sweet. The staff were pretty nice, down-to-earth. They had a good wine list and the cappucino was good. They are in the midst of renovating the outside, and there are several sections of the restaurant with differing decor. But the part we were in was pretty modern. I would have enjoyed it if it had been more Tuscan inspired. There is a nice bar area with a fireplace. I've never been to Trattoria Alberto, so can't compare. But I would go to Newtown Grill again if I were in the area, but wouldn't make a special trip.

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        We recently had a luncheon there for about 35 people. It was very nice, private room with fireplace. Our service was excellent, they were very attentive. Mixed green salad with house vinaigrette was excellent. The entrees all received great reviews from attendees. I had the salmon with penne, very very good. We are not in that area often, but we would go there again.

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      1. I ate there last night for Valentines Day and the food was really good. Unfortunately the service was terrible. I expect slowness for Valentines Day but this was bad. We were seated quickly but after half an hour, not a single person had spoken to us about drink orders or anything. Finally they take our drink and food orders after sitting there 40 minutes. The food takes over an hour to come after numerous questions and the wine came after the food. The waitstaff never came to us to offer consolation, we always had to seek them out. This was happening all over the dining room I was in. For as expensive as our food was I expect to have a much better experience. Even for Valentines Day this level of incompetent service is unacceptable. Avoid this restaurant!

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