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Feb 1, 2008 04:21 AM

Thai food in South Jersey

I live in Vineland and was hoping that someone could give me some tips on where the best Thai food is around my area. I'm willing to travel a couple hours to get the best. Also, any ideas about Malayasian restaurants would be appreciated.

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  1. At least an hour from you in Cherry Hill is Little Thai Kitchen. Friendly service/BYOB. They have a pretty decent selection of different curries and other Thai favorites. I eat there regularly, and think their food of very good. This is a very casual restaurant. (BTW: there is also a good Vietnamese restaurant in that same shopping center called Pho Eden
    )Penang Malasian restaurant is opening up soon on Route 38 in Maple Shade in the next few weeks. It looks like they were still in construction last week when I drove by. Here is a link to their Princeton location so you can see what they offer on the menu. There is also a Penang in Philly (also currently closed for construction)
    You might also like Bankok City Thai in Voorhees. I think their Pad Thai is really good; but generally I prefer Little Thai Kitchen

    1. In Marlton is Thai Taste, which we both enjoy greatly. Every experience has been a fantastic one, it's a BYOB (we take a thai whiskey that my boyfriend brings back from his trips to Thailand and about every person on the staff comes over with excitement). I'm bad though - I love green curry, so I always get that. My boyfriend varies more, but his favorite is the tropical duck. Service is excellent, food is great and it's a good atmosphere for a nice dinner.

      I don't know how "authentic" thai it is, but I will say that my boyfriend spent a lot of time (3 weeks a pop) in Thailand when he was stationed in Japan, and he loves this place.

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        I have been meaning to try Thai Taste; I heard that was very good from several people. I keep forgetting about it when I go for Thai food.
        Thanks for the reminder.

      2. Orchids in Pomona NJ is great. It's in a little shopping center on the corner of Pomona rd & rt 30. Small and casual, but great food. The owner grows orchids and the dining room has many on display / for sale. Used to be a regular lunch stop for me, but now they just do dinners.

        1. Singapore Malaysian on Rt 73 is great-even though they dabble in sushi that is also good-it is in a strip mall across from Cracker Barrel. It only has about 8 tables. There is also a Thai restaurant in Cherry Hill on Rt 38 in the strip mall next to the closed Lonestar-I had appetizers there this week that were good but it was my first visit. The dining room was beautiful.

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            I've been wondering about Singapore - we hadn't been since it switched from "Monsoon," which we very much enjoyed.

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              We really liked Monsoon too. Singapore was a little disappointing, maybe because we were expecting Monsoon. I can't remember what we ate at Singapore. It was OK but not great.