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Feb 1, 2008 04:04 AM

Filippino food near Chinatown?

Are there any Filippino restaurants near Gallery Place-Chinatown or Archives Metro Stations that you can recommend? I have a taste for lumpia.

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  1. TenPenh (at 10th & Pennsylvania, duh) has lumpia-style spring rolls on their appetizer menu for lunch, dinner, and at the bar. The chef there is Filipino, and on Wednesdays they offer a $21 Filipino "Bento Box." Other than that, the only other place I know nearby is East Street Cafe, upstairs in Union Station, which has a number of Filipino dishes on their pan-Asian menu. Food is just okay, but otherwise, the only Filipino places are in the Virginia and Maryland burbs.

    1. For Filipino takeout (chilled or room temp), Danny's Tindahan is a moderate walk (or short bus ride) from the Tenleytown Metro.