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Feb 1, 2008 03:48 AM

I've done DiFara's but who is #2

I hit DiFara's the last three visits to NY and enjoyed the sights and slices, but I want to branch out this trip--Please tell me where to go and why

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  1. You say, " NY" . You are in the Outer Boroughs node of CH. Are you limiting to Brooklyn? In Brooklyn, Grimaldi's has its fans and opponents. For me, I'd go to Franny's and Lucali's...2 -very- different places both with great pizza. Pepe's gets props here but I've never been.

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    1. re: Larry Brooks

      I'll second Lucali's. Not as good as DiFara, but pretty damn good.

      1. re: Larry Brooks

        By Lucali's, do you mean the place at 575 Henry Street in Carroll Gardens? And do they serve by the slice?

        And where's Franny's?

        575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

        1. re: TomChowhound


          295 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

      2. I printed a list a few months ago and the Top 10 were top to bottom: DiFara, Franny's, Grimaldi, John's Bleecker St, Lombardi's, Nick's Forest Hills, Patsy's 1st Ave, Pizza Suprema on 8th Ave, Totonno's & Una Pizza Napoletana. Of course, this is one person's opinion. I won't travel for Pizza and live close to Nick's which is just fine at #5. They also serve a very good salad, cannolli & espresso with complimentary Sambuca.

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        1. re: Mike V

          Another vote for Lucali's. Great pizza and, in my opinion, a much more pleasant atmosphere than what you'll find at Grimaldi's (which tends to be overrun with tourists).

          1. re: Mike V

            Don't forget Joe's on Carmine. Best place to get slices.

            1. re: ginsbera

              Disagree. Tastes like cheese on a piece of toast.

              Try Alfie's in Queens. As good a slice (not pie) as I've ever had.

              1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                Ouch, thats harsh. That's what I think rays tastes like and John's (only the times square one).

                Joe's crust is so thin, how can you compare that to toast?

            2. re: Mike V

              Mike V-

              You have to try Lucali' me!

              1. re: Mike V

                If you can manage to travel. Louie and Ernies at Waterbury and Crosby in the Bronx deserves to be on the list. ahead of some.

              2. My vote for #2 in O.B.'s is Totonno's, great thin crust coal oven pizza. The place is really unique with an old time feel. I can't imagine the place looked much different when it opened. Sure the service is a bit surley, but the pizza is top notch. Throw in a few hours at the Aquarium and a hot dog and fries from Nathan's and you will have a great New York day.


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                1. re: stuartlafonda

                  I love totonno's too, however I have had bad pies there. One time I took my wife's brother from Florida there with his son and it was really bad. Burnt and relatively tasteless. The funny thing was that the day before it was great. Ever since I have stayed away, but they can make a fantastic pizza. However still, its no DiFara's!

                  1. re: NYJewboy

                    I know Totonnos has its fans, but I have to score one for the very disappointed. I found the pizza lacking in flavor compared to others like DiFara, Lucali, Johns, Grimaldis. Sorry, because the spot is old school and fun.

                    1. re: brooklyn1966

                      We thought it could be the best pizza we ever had. And no surliness for us, we had a great experience at Totonno's and look forward to going back next summer.

                2. Having been to almost every other place mentioned above I'd say it's Lucali hands-down.

                  I've been to Lucali about 10 times. It's ALWAYS been between an A- and an A+. And that's for the food alone. The charm, atmosphere, staff and BYO policy make it even better, never, ever disappoint place.

                  1. Lucali's or Totonno's for Brooklyn. Lucali's is WAY more consistent though.