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Oct 4, 2001 02:27 PM

Manhattan Beach Family Friendly

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Could I trouble you LA chowhounds for a place in Manhattan Beach or adjacent with really good eats (cheap to very expensive) that I can take my 2 year old and not be kicked out. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Well, I don't know about "really good," but certainly "pleasant, fun, healthy and pretty good" would describe Good Stuff on Highland. Open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Bright, airy, and large, this is sort of a cal / mex melange.

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      Richard Foss

      If you enjoy seafood I'd suggest Rockfish, located one block up from the pier on Manhattan Beach Boulevard, or if you are planning a midweek trip try Beaches, which is across the street. Beaches is generally thought of as a bar because they have a popular dance club downstairs and it is noisy on weekends, but kids eat free on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I'd count them as family-friendly. They have a nice view and decent but not stellar food. The hostess sometimes takes her time at seating people and the service is slow, so this isn't the place when you're in a hurry. Rockfish has a nice indoor patio area which is a place of choice for people with kids. Don't go to the upstairs section, which is generally an adults-only area.(Not in an adult-movie sense, it's just quiet and not suited to toddlers who regard the world as a percussion instrument.)
      Failing that there's The Kettle or Good Stuff, both coffee shops with aspirations toward some higher purpose, but coffee shops nevertheless.

    2. Banyan on Highland Avenue just north of MB Blvd is quite nice, per LA TIMES review this past Thursday in Calendar section (quite affordable). Reeds on Sepulveda in Manhattan Village s/center is more expensive but good and kid-friendly if you are going earlier in the evening, especially on weekdays. Houston's on Rosecrans is so noisy that a 2-year old would not be heard over the din, but the food is probably the best from a chain restaurant.