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Jan 31, 2008 10:13 PM

super bowl celebration

Any ideas out there for a place, Red Bank, NJ, for enjoying the super bowl celebration, watching the game and a good burger for a woman who wants to be part of the festivities and who occasionally enjoys the game?

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  1. I can not imagine there will be another place in Red Bank more exiciting to be at then the Globe on Front Street. It's practically the official bar for football in the area. My guess is that it will be filled with hardcore fans. They make a great burger as well. Be warned, however, that the testosterone level in the air may set all time records and that there will be few other women present. Should the Giants win, the noise in there will deafen!

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      Second MGZ's response....nothing like it in Red Bank or the immediate surrounding area. However, may not be the place for a lady.

      Brannigans basically across the street (Wharf Avenue) from The Globe (West Front Street) would be another good place, or maybe even the Dublin House on Monmouth Street, (assuming no soccer is on the tube).

    2. CJ Montana's on Shrewsbury Ave: Their bar area has lots of TVs, an excellent setup for watching the game. It will likely be very crowded.

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        Murphy's Tavern in Rumson, little known bar in the downstairs of a house. It was once a speakeasy. Anyway, they updated it a couple of years ago, added some big tv's and now they offer food. Great spot for a football game.