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Oct 4, 2001 01:23 PM

La Cachette on 10/11

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I've made reservations for six for Thursday night, October 11 at 7:00pm. This is a restaurant listed in the Windows of Hope fundraiser.

Please let me know if anyone is interesting in joining me!


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  1. Carolyn -- I had a wonderful meal there a few years ago, and a friend picked up the tab. As I recall, it was pricey (we did eat EVERYTHING). Can you give us some ball park idea of what dinner would cost? Much appreciated.

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    1. re: Sandra W.
      Carolyn Tillie

      Sorry, I've never been there so I don't know prices. I've just heard great things about it and thought this would be a great reason to spend the money that George W. Bush sent back to me...

      1. re: Sandra W.

        I have been there although not recently. As I recall, appetizers run to about 12; entrees to 25 or so. It's what I would call pricey but absolutely one of the best meals you'll have.

      2. Carolyn, count me in as one of the six. I've been wanting to go to La Cachette for some time since it is one of the only real haute french cuisine restaurants in L.A. from what I've heard. And the fact that all the proceeds will be going to the families and surviving victims of the staff at Windows makes it all the more worthwile.

        So how do you want to coordinate this anyways? Do you want to just meet there on the 11th or would you like to call all those who agree to come. If you choose to call, e-mail me at my e-mail addy and I'll give you my #, or if you choose you can leave me a number to reach you with a good time to call.


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        1. re: Liver Boy

          Not all of the proceeds go to the victims. You are supposed to add an extra ten percent to your check after the meal and the restaurant matches it. Right?
          Out of your $100.00 meal, maybe $20.00 is donated.

          1. re: Liver Boy
            Carolyn Tillie

            Elia, so far it is just you and me (although I am trying to scare up more folks). I would like to think that many are just put-off by the cost of the food.

            The specific deal is that 10% of the proceeds of OUR meal will be given by the restaurant to the fund. Just Larry was incorrect -- we do not add an additional 10%. I have already made a direct donation through Les Dames Escoffier but thought this would be a nice way to show the continued support.

            If it does end up just being you and me, we'll have a great time though, won't we?

            1. re: Carolyn Tillie

              Yeah, either way I'm looking forward to it. I must say though that I'm a bit surprised that the majority on here get cold feet when it comes to the higher prices of fine dining establishments.