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Jan 31, 2008 09:23 PM

Walla Walla: Wineries with restaurants or picnic areas?

Thinking ahead to a summer Walla Walla trip. I'm wondering if any of the wineries in the area have picnic areas or restaurants associated with them.

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  1. Many of the wineries outside of town have areas to eat, though I'd recommend calling ahead. A good place for contact info is The best food and wine options are at some of the restaurants in town (26 Brix comes to mind).

    1. Most wineries in WW have areas for pinics but no restaurants that I know of. For example: Beresan, Abeja have very nice grounds/garden while other have small green spaces. It would be good idea to email/contact beforehand especially the wineries located at the airport since space there are at a premium.

      1. None of the wineries have restaurants. My winery, Gramercy Cellars, has a picnic area. Other picnic type areas: Va Piano, Pepper Bridge, aMaurice

        Don't miss Saffron restaurant.

        FYI - Abeja by appointment only or with reservations. Also - July and August can be HOT.

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          Yes to Saffron also. 26 Brix have changed for the better in my opinion. I would suggest that you avoid T. Maccarone - a bit like a high school go to joint. The chacuterie shop in downtown is a great place to get picnic food.

          By the way Greghms has Saffron opened the sandwich shop next door yet?

          1. re: tedfood

            They opened a Pho Shop and its really good. It opened a few months back.

        2. Perhaps a stupid question here. So the wineries with the picnic areas, they allow you to bring your own food then?

          Are there any gourmet groceries (I'm think along the lines of Oakville Grocery in Sonoma Valley) in town? Or are we limited to culinary arts of Safeway?

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          1. re: ethereal

            Yes they will allow you to bring food.

            For lunch, Salumerie on 2nd is a good place for meat and cheese. They can also do a boxed lunch if you call ahead. Luscious has some prepared salads in their case. And Merchants has a bit of stuff. I also highly recommend the Taco truck La Monarcha on Issacs in the Napa Auto Parts parking lot for take out Mexican. Perfect for winery picnic. I eat there a few times a week during harvest.

            Super 1 Foods is a better bet than Safeway.

            But its still a challenge. Lots of online ordering for those living in WW.

            1. re: Greghms

              I second the recommendation of the taco truck. YUM. I've also heard lots of raves about Saffron.

              I can't help myself-- I admit, to me, a winery with a restaurant is a winery straying from winemaking. There are so many wonderful wineries in Walla Walla-- I can't imagine passing up a hole in the wall with great wine to go sit on the huge deck at Three Rivers. What a snore. I mean, some of the places at the airport are perfectly respectable and fun-- but they're at the airport!

              Group favorites on my last trip were Rulo, K Vintners, Yellowhawk and of course, Reinenger. I was bummed we missed Woodward Canyon.

              1. re: Vetter

                Most of the wineries in WW aren't zoned for restaurants, so no worries there. And I agree fully with above.