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Jan 31, 2008 08:50 PM

NY or CA chains (Pinkberry, In-Out,etc.) coming?

Ok, yes, we are talking chains just for fun.

So Cosi finally came to town. Do we know if they are opening more locations? I've heard a rumor that Pinkberry was a possibility also, but no info beyond that.

Anyone know of a Fatburger or other fun regional chains that may expand here?

Tell me all that you know!

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    1. there is something like pinkberry in the shopping center with dominican jo's... i think its called yogo berry, seems like a chain. though i am not so sure about the frozen yogurt trend with fresh fruit toppings ... seems like deja vu to me.

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        I can assure you that it's not deja vu. The yogurt served at these places is not like any soft serve yogurt that's been popular before.

        As far as Yogo Berry, I don't think it's a chain--just a close enough copy that it seems like it. I have yet to catch it open. Here is a link to a review from somebody who's tried it:

        I do know that the originator of this type of yogurt, Red Mango (of which Pinkberry is a copy) is trying to enter the Austin market with several shops. Red Mango serves actual yogurt, while Pinkberry was embarrassed when they had to admit their "yogurt" contained no live cultures, that it was only "yogurt flavored." They may have changed their formula since then. In any case, both of them are quite tasty.

      2. I heard that Wahoo opened on Riverside.

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          1. The original comment has been removed