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Oct 4, 2001 12:24 PM

Random Trout Question

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Hey all, help me out here. My BF and I have been going to alot of indonesian, malaysian, thai, etc places lately, and we noticed that they all seem to emphasize trout on the menu. Trout this, trout that, deep fried trout with chili sauce, roast trout in banana leaves, etc etc etc.

But, isn't trout a cold water fish and not available in southeast asia? Which would mean that they are taking a non-authentic fish and adapting it, right? Which seems odd, as they seem to be (and Kruang Tedd is the latest example of this) emphasizing the trout on their menus as if it is a staple rather than a 'variation'.

Has anybody noticed this? I've been shying away from ordering "Trout Malaysian Style" and other SE asian versions of trout, just because I'm worried it might not work . . . should I just give in and order it? Is this a trend or something I just never noticed before?


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  1. Hi Susan, I may be wrong but this is my theory about Southeast Asian places using trout on the menu. Farmed fresh water trout is probably the closest, consistantly available here, replacement fish in flavor to the many fresh water fish
    available in Asia. Tilapa might be close also, but I don't really like tilapia, trout sounds better.
    I lived in Bangkok for a year and we had a wonderful cook, Dee. She prepared a dish which was a whole fried fish, with a wonderful tangy sauce that had vineger ginger peppers etc. She called it Pla ka klaong", klaong in Thai=canal. We would joke with her that she pulled it out of the nearby canal!
    This also reminds me that one day I noticed Dee and the maid with a Very large, 2 ft. Gecko like lizard on a string , they had caught in in the yard. They told me it was a "tokay". I was all, "oh how pretty", and Dee said, "yes taste very good!"

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      Thanks Tanyal! That makes some sense. And I love the description of Dee!