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Jan 31, 2008 07:48 PM

Any word on Andrew Chadwick's?

Has anyone eaten at Andrew Chadwick's at Rutledge Hill in Nashville? I saw the Scene review, but there is no website and I've heard little else about it. Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. I know some of the principals thought I might try it tomorrow

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      Please report back with a review!

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        Ok well I tried Chadwick's was absolutely delicious. Start to finish perfection. I had a wonderful foie gras torchon starter with various types of apple, my girlfriend had a pork belly app that was phenomenal. Next I had the loin of lamb, which is larded and seared then served on a bed of cous cous with a sweetbread salad. The induction stove means that it was cooked perfectly medium-rare and tat sweetbread salad was a joy to eat in Nashville. My girlfriend had the sea trout, which is wild-caught and served with a foie gras-asparagus salad. The skin was perfectly crisped and the flavor really shined. the fish was topped with a beet foam which, tasted alone, reminded me of grass, but tasted great with bites of trout. We had an apple tart with bourbon-thyme ice cream that mixed sweet and savory very thoughtfully. Service was kind, knowledgeable, and surprisingly casual. Of course this was easy because the restaurant, which is small, was never full in the three hours we were there. Food-wise though, It stands alone in Nashville.

    2. Jim Meyers gave it a rave review in the Tennessean this morning. He mentioned a couple of the same dishes you did (the pork belly, the lamb) and also sturgeon. (Sturgeon? In Nashville?) Anyway, it sounds spectacular.

      1. I've been to Chadwicks four or five times since its November opening and love the food. Wednesday night I was with a group of five we started with one of each of the appetizers and the torchon & pork belly remain my favorites, not counting the end of the black truffle mashed potatoes (heaven in my mouth). I didn't love the sea urchin, but more so because I don't really care for sea urchin. The presentation was incredible: served on a bed of kosher salt, the hollowed out spiny shell was filled with the sea urchin & a tomato water concasse of sorts. It was the sort of thing you would find in a truly foodie city like NYC or SF.

        At the table we had the scallops, duck, tuna, and a Japanese fish similar to a red snapper. I must say that Andrew really does seafood well. There were at least four, maybe five choices on the menu, all fresh & lovely.

        We also dined on one of each of the desserts. Unfortunately, I cannot even remember the four or five plates that came to the table except for the cheese plate. There was chocolate combination that had this great "bark" that had some sort of sea salt on top which was terrific. The lavendar creme burlee didn't really scream of lavendar.

        My only consistent complaint is service and to be honest, its my complaint with Nashville. Our waiter was friendly enough, but I didn't really need a ten minute explaination of his choices on the menu. He said the Waygu beef was "true Kobe" which isn't true. Kobe can only come from Japan and its illegal to import Japanese beef to this country. I know, its trivial and maybe I was already annoyed with his extended interruption to our dinner. We didn't get toast points with the tourchon or the cheese plate. Our three course dinner took three and a half hours which is a little long on a week night. To be fair, our water and wine were always refilled, but it took a good fifteen minutes to get our check after our dessert plates had been cleared.

        We've finally got consistently fantastic food in Nashville, now I only hope that Andrew gets some great front of the house management to train his service staff to the same level as the food.

        1. I finally made it to Chadwick's on Friday night. Wow. I won't say (yet) that it's the best restaurant in Nashville, but it is definitely *different* than anything else we currently have here - true nouvelle cuisine. The presentations are head and shoulders above anything else I've seen in this city, and the flavors are equally incredible.

          The amuse bouche is a nice touch, and heck, where else in Nashville will you even find an amuse bouche? I started with the puréed Yukon Gold potatoes with black truffle. These were just as rich and indulgent as you can imagine. Next came the torchon of foie gras with caramelized apples, which was also very good. For the main course, I went with the duck, which was perfectly cooked and complemented with no less than half a dozen little dots and streaks of sauces. There were so many interesting combinations of flavors! Finally, for dessert, I had what I think was called "Textures of Chocolate," or something like that. Whatever it was called, it was one of the best chocolate-based desserts I have had in quite some time, incorporating chocolate in solid, mousse, and ganache forms, complemented by an interesting basil whipped cream.

          I thought the service was outstanding - very gracious and efficient. There were no long-winded explanations; the only descriptions were ones that I asked for. And even with several courses, I got in and out in about an hour and a half.

          I try not to geek out too much after just one meal at a new restaurant, but it's hard not to in this case. Hopefully return visits will be just as stellar. My only concern for this place is the location. I know that the Rutledge Hill/Rolling Mill Hill area is in the midst of a massive overhaul, with more residential on the way, but as of right now, this place is way off the beaten path.

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            I'm dying to try this place but I gotta make a comment on the amuse. F.scotts has been serving an amuse for years. It's not brand new in nashville. Sorry but I've seen the excitement for this, including the JM review, mentioned so many times it's driving me nuts. Food sounds outstanding though. Keep up the good reports and maybe one day I will be able to join in.

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              Hmmm...I haven't been to F. Scott's in a couple of years, but I do not ever remember being served an amuse bouche there. Maybe I will revisit.

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                Margot also served amuse for awhile when I served there. Nashville's not that far behind.

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                  The first amuse bouche I had in Nashville was 15 years ago either at Magnolia's in Franklin or Trilogy, the Judd's place on Division, both great but long-gone. It's not new here, but it's time-consuming and costly to do, and requires the expertise and the right kind of kitchen.

                  1. re: fluffernutter

                    For those of us (at least me) who are ignorant, what's an amuse bouche?

                    1. re: Potomac Bob

                      It's sort of like a "pre-appetizer" sent out gratis from the kitchen. Usually just a bite or two...

            2. They've just put their website up... it has... menu, wine list, reviews, contact info, directions, and a really cool site on how their induction oven works...