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Jan 31, 2008 07:31 PM

Dinner in Ft. Lauderdale

We're coming to Ft. Lauderdale next week. We're hosting a dinner for 6.The other couples are from the area but they're leaving the restaurant up to us. Our hotel is on Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd. I'd like fine dining, great atmosphere, delicious food. Since we don't know the area and we don't want to get lost, we don't want to go too far from our hotel. Is this too much to ask? I hope not. Thanks.

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  1. If you really want to stay close to that area then I'd check out Mark's Las Olas or Johnny V's. I've always been happy with Mark's, they consistently have great food. I thought Johnny V's was ok when I went there, but a lot of other people down here seem to love it. There's also a place called Chima out there that seems to get a lot of good reviews. There's also an Italian restaurant called Casa D'Angelo that's great, but it's a little farther then the others that I mentioned.

    1. Thanks, IDGuofM, I took your advice and booked a table at Mark's Las Olas.

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        Mark's is very good. I would also consider Johnny V's (on Las Olas too), 3030 Ocean, Sunfish Grill and Cafe Martorano (fun clubby Italian place with awesome meatballs- loud though)

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          I'll also be there on Friday night, so hopefully I'll get to try another one of these good places. I'll take my list. Thanks, sobe.

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            Welcome. I forgot to mention Cero at the St. Regis. I've had a couple of really good meals there. There is a brand new place on Las Olas called Riley McDermott's. Menu looks interesting.
            On my growing to do list....

      2. Trina's is in my hotel. Should I host the dinner party there instead? Or is Mark's still a better choice?

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          I like Trina but have not been in 6 months or so... It's a cool spot

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            I've had a few bad dinners at Trina, mostly because of the service though - food is generally good.

            I would suggest Casa d'Angelo's for Italian. The food is always great, I eat there once a week usually and have for years.

            Riley McDermott's is good on Las Olas, I've been there twice since they opened and both times have been great.

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              I think Cero is far and away the best resturant on the beach, and probably in all of Fort Lauderdale, if you are looking for excellent food, service and ambience. It is far superior to Trina,, which has been disappointing.

              1 North Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

            2. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

              I would definitely not recommend Trina. I've been there twice and was severely disappointed both times. The quality of food and the mish mosh of flavors was pretty bad.

          2. While I love Marks, my absolute favorite is Cafe Martorano for not just the food but for the vibe and atmosphere. However, they do not take reservations.

            I also love The Samba Room, Jackson's Steakhouse, Big City Tavern, and Mancini's all of which are on Las Olas. If you can, try and sit outside. It is wonderful.

            1. I don't get up to Broward much but was up this past weekend at a place called Christine's on Oakland Park Blvd. E of US1. Slick, contemporary looking place, w/ wood floors, grey walls, big movie posters. Food was pretty good. Really liked the apps I tried (white water clams w/ chorizo and a faintly spicy sauce, crab cakes w/ a tasso ham vinaigrette); mains were a little more pedestrian but still done quite well -I had a veal chop special while Mrs. F had a nice ribeye. Very good (and well-priced) wine list, very friendly folks.

              It apparently was recently written up favorably in New Times ->

              I also recently stumbled across the menu from Canyon and was intrigued, though I haven't been. Anyone have opinions?

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                Personally, I would stick with Marks. The food is excellent and the service is always good. The menu is sure to please everyone and there is a full bar and wine list. After dinner, you could walk Las Olas if you choose. I think Jonny V's is a notch down. Although I love Casa de Angelo for italian-- it does not have a full bar (if that matters to you). Trina is very pretty (mostly seafood as I recall) but I have had some so-so experiences there and would not fully trust it. Martorano is fun but may be just too loud for conversation. Have fun....wherever you go.

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                    You will have a great meal at Canyon, from apps to dessert. They also make a good prickly pear margarita. My only complaint about Canyon is that when it gets crowded (which is almost always), unless you have a seat at one of the booths on the perimeter of the restaurant, the overflow by the bar and entrance can be annoying if you are seated at one of the tables adjacent to the bar. I