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Reasonably priced food - Islington/Angel

We are travelling to London and would love to hear recommendations for restaurants in Islington/Angel or Bloomsbury or in between. We don't want to break the bank...(Thanks)

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  1. The S&M (sausage and mash) Cafe (4-6 Essex Street) is well worth a visit. Select your sausage (from a wide variety including vegetarian), then your mash, then your gravy. The interior is black and white tiles and the staff are friendly. It's not posh, but it is cheap.

    1. These days, Angel isn't a great area for food. You could try Isarn - a little bit up Upper Street - it's one of the few exceptions.

      1. All within a 10 minute walk from Angel:

        Mem & Laz
        The Regent -stone baked pizzas-I love the gorgonzola one
        Duke of Cambridge-gastropub with all organic offerings, but slooow service!

        1. Le Mercury on Upper Street is worth a look; it's very well-priced (prices have barely changed in years). Be warned that it's _tiny_ and you're best off booking, particularly on the weekend. The menu is basically fixed-price (starters £4, main courses £6.45, desserts £3) with a few specials. Avoid the cheese plate; the cheese is always too cold. Perhaps also avoid the tiger prawns unless you're not really hungry; they keep within the £4 by giving you a tiny portion. More of my thoughts here: http://london.randomness.org.uk/wiki....

          1. Porchetta the pizza place on Upper Street is always packed. There are a couple of good pubs with food--I lke the Drapers's Arms. There's a recent post on Sabor on the Essex Road...I like that too for Latin American food but it might be a bit pricier than what you are looking for. Another pub with good food...The Charles Lamb. Oh, and if you like beef, try The Marquess. All of these are within a 10 minute walk of the Hilton on Upper Street by the Business Design Center.

            Chocolate--Paul Young on Camden Passage. Get his hot cocoa if it's a little chilly. Make sure you walk down Camden Passage on a weekend afternoon. It's a very small little street but there are lots of people selling old costume jewlery and knick-knacks, so it's sort of fun.

            I also like Sangria for Tapas. Also directly on Upper Street.

            Ottolenghi is great for breakfast, coffee, mid-afternoon snacks.

            Island Queen is a nice pub to pass the afternoon.

            There is more on my blog: (Islington postcode is N1, but its a pretty large postcode extending all the way east to Hoxton Square so if you're just looking for short walks from the Angel tube, you will not be interested in places like William IV, Fifteen, etc. But you should get an Oyster Card and investigate the bus because it's SUPER cheap--90p--and very well marked, if you ask me.)


            Lastly--try Toptable.co.uk. They have lots of deals. I just randomly looked for a table for 2 for Tuesday night in Highbury & Islington, special offers only, and found these:

            The Marquess, Sabor, and Almeida all have £15 offers...GREAT deals.

            1. I really enjoy Delhi Grill in Chapel Market. Short menu though everything is usually pretty good from the unique relishes to the tandoori items and their daily specials.


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                I'm a big fan of Delhi Grill too, definitely worth a try.

              2. I'd agree that Angel itself isn't the best place gastronomically, but wander a bit further south to Exmouth Market and you have Moro, Morito, Caravan and some decent pubs.

                1. This thread has a few decent suggestions. Anywhere you've specific questions about feel free to come back and ask and I'm sure someone will have been


                  1. Don't forget Byron burger. For a chain I think they do a decent burger, maybe not up there with the Hawkswmoor or Ad Cod but not as expensive either. Amazing chocolate malted milkshakes with good ice cream, so thick you need a spoon and someone to share it with!
                    Also the Ottoloenghi salad box is a tasty treat. For £15 you get 5 large servings of whichever salad dish you want. I have the cookbooks so know there is a lot of prep that goes into these salads and the ingredients can be expensive ( maybe less so if in the catering trade but still) so you do get a lot for your money. It was enough for two of us for lunch and dinner, and it was very tasty. Breakfast is good there too. Amazing flaky pain au chocolate, very good cinnamon French toast and the egg chorizo bean dish good too.
                    I like Delhi grill esp the tandoori and tikka chicken. My mum who is Indian rates their veggie dishes.
                    Yipin china is on my list for our next trip down, my sister has been and it's meant to be good.

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                      Yipin China is great. Highly recommended but needs careful ordering.

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                        This is high up on my go to list.
                        When I suggest it to friends and mention the pig intestines and duck tongues they go off the idea even though I point out it's not just about that, it's just that's what I'm really interested in trying and it's difficult to do justice to the menu on your own.
                        Glad it appears to be as good as some as the reviews suggest.