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Jan 31, 2008 06:13 PM

Best Happy Hour/Meeting Place Downtown?

Looking for a place for a larger group of law students to meet tomorrow for happy hour/drinks downtown or near USC (not 29 cafe, or 901). What are the best places that can accommodate groups of maybe 10 or so (not necessarily sitting, but not too cramped). Any ideas??

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  1. Ciudad across from the Bonadventure has a good happy hour, but you may need to go early to get a table for 10. Your best bet may be the patio. Great sangria and tapas.

    McCormicks and Schmitt will be your best bed in the library tower. They have a big bar and can easily accomodate 10 or more people. Go for the $2 cheeseburgers...

    Weiland's Brewery is also good, but it might be crowded at the bar if you can't make it early. Good garlic fries.

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      The Weiland's at 5th and Flower is much more likely to be able to accommodate your group than the one in Little Tokyo. Larger space, more tables, and less crowded. I heartily second the garlic fries, and with pints of microbrews at 2.50, it's tough to beat the value.

      I also like Oiwake for happy hour, but please don't eat there. $6 pitchers of Kirin/$4 for MGD is great to get you revved up for karaoke, but the food is not up to snuff, especially considering how much good food is in the area. Have fun!

      1. You could try Liberty Grill.

        It's close to USC and isn't too cramped.

        1. The Golden Gopher or the Broadway Bar

          1. I second the Golden Gopher. Open for happy hour at 5:00 on Friday and stop two doors down to have a bite at Colori Kitchen. You can buy a bottle of wine at the Golden Gopher as they have a liquor to go license. Colori has no corkage fee and does not have a wine license yet. The GG is not crowded and a pint of Stell is around $4. Great music as well.