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Jan 31, 2008 05:46 PM

Tadich/Sams/Johns/Alfreds and best breakfast in Union Square


2 questions:

Of these four restaurants which two would you choose: Tadich Grill, John's Grill, Sam's Grill, Alfred's steakhouse.

Second, what is the best breakfast in Union Square, btw i've already selected Sears Fine Foods.


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  1. Tadich would get my vote. The other 3 have history, but that is about it.

    1. Tadich Grill - Sam's is sooooo much like Tadich that I wouldn't select them both. Perhaps another option - are you staying in the downtown area? There are a bunch of places you could select from that would give you more variety. Maybe Tadich (an oldie) and Bar Crudo (a new-ie). I've not been to Canteen, but it gets great reviews - I think they may only do weekend breakfasts, so you should check it out.

      1. Sears was taken over by a chain a few years back and reports about it are not good.

        If this is a weekend Canteen gets good reviews. There was just a good report for Cafe Andree. Dotties True Blue Cafe is a board favoirte.

        Depends on what you want out of a restaurant. If you are looking for old SF ambiance and seafood, I'd pick Tadich. If you are looking for a steakhouse then Alfred's is the only real option out of that list.

        Also, where are you coming from? If a city known for steak it isn't a strength of SF.

        Hope you will report back after your visit on what you chose and if you liked it.

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          Yeah, Sears wasn't my choice, my dad loves it, (I'm fine with it, i'm not a die hard foodie)

          Well, I'm not going to SF anyway, he changed his mind to NYC