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Jan 31, 2008 05:37 PM

Super Bowl Desserts

Got invited to my husband’s friends house for Super Bowl. I have to bring dessert. About 15-20 people. I’m deciding between a big layer cake or 3-4 different small desserts (cookies, brownies etc). So, would prefer to have a slice of say, triple-layer chocolate cake after you finish a bowl or two of chilie? Or would you like to have some small finger-sized desserts that you could snack on with the rest of the food?

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  1. Generally at parties i prefer foods that i can pick at. don't like to have to commit, especially if there isn't much room to sit at a table and eat without dropping food everywhere. So I would go with the smaller desserts. Of course, everyone likes cake. I guess just follow your heart's desires!

    1. I agree with smaller desserts. No need for forks and plates. But most of my family doesn't like cake, so maybe I'm biased.

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        Doesn't like cake? I didn't realize such people existed. We should all take a moment of silence to mourn their loss.

      2. I'm making cupcakes for the SB party...... I just made a recipe from the Everyday Baking show (on public tv) and they are sooooo good. They seem like a fun, portable kinda dessert.

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          I like the idea of cupcakes. I made black bottom cupcakes recenlty for a big cookout and they were a hit. I like them because there is no frosting so much less mess than your typical cupcake and they're super easy. Bars or cookies would be nice too. I would probably shy away from doing a big cake. Unless you're doing a sit down meal, it seems if something like that is on a table people ignore it simply because they have to cut, plate and serve themselves. Much eaiser to have a sweet you can plunk on a napkin.

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            I just found Everyday Baking on TV while flipping through our food channels. I haven't watched it yet, but I recorded two episodes. I also just started watching Cook's Illustrated. Good Show.

          2. I think that if you do the finger-sized desserts, you should be sure to do easy ones. If you're making, say, four, make a couple of squares or things that are less involved. It's okay to make one, complicated cake, but when you have to have multiple options, it can get ugly.

            I really don't think that only chocolate cake is a great bet, either. in my experience, many women tend to shy away from heavy chocolate desserts at the best of times, but after chili would be too much. Maybe a smaller chocolate cake, and a smaller white cake with lemon, or angel food with fresh fruit (if you can find some this time of year)?

            1. I'm making a tres leches cake.