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Jan 31, 2008 04:58 PM

New (to me) at Costco -- Maya Kaimal Tikka Masala sauce

I spotted this for the first time today in my local (San Francisco) Costco and since it's a New York-made product, I assume it's a national roll-out (hence my posting on this board).

It was a yellow 30 Oz. tub in the refrigerated gourmet sauce section and, according to the label, enough to cook 3 lbs of cubed boneless chicken in.

Has anyone tried this or any of Maya's other cooking sauces?

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  1. williams sonoma had a promotion of her products and i bought a lamb tikka masala. bland very disappointing not meant for indian palates. so i did use some on lamb but felt it was not worthwhile. at the store, the chef did not even saute the chicken in the curry so the curry had a raw turmeric sort of taste. sorry cant be more upbeat about this product. i did not like it.

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      I'm not sure that "not meant for an Indian palate" is a real knock on tikka masala...insofar as I think I understand that tikka masala is not an Indian dish but, rather, a westernized version of Indian curries designed more for western palates. This particular sauce may not be good in any event, of course.

      1. re: ccbweb

        let me explain further. my comment was the spices lacked the punch that i would have expected from a marinade for tikka or curry. so if i were to use this i would have to add additional spices to get the right combination for my taste. it has to be specific to one's taste. you may have liked it thats fine. i found it bland sort of.

    2. I've used the Tikka Masala sauce (bought it at the Fresh Market) several times. I've had better luck with it than with Patak's... You definitely have to saute the meat in the curry, and I sauted a little bit longer on lower heat...

      1. I LOVE THAT SAUCE!!!!!! I got a TAGINE(middle eastern clay pot/teepe style lid)I\ for Christmas a few years back with some spices from Crate and Barrel (Nirmalas' Moroccan Tagine Blend) I dredge chicken breast pieces in flour and the Nirmalas spice, brown it in my Tagine,( you can use a dutch oven as well) add carrots, dried apricots, currants and loads of onion, pour the Tikka Masala all over, bake it at 325 for about 2 hours, checking occasionallyto make sure there is enough liquid(add a tad bit of water if necessary), make a side of basmati rice w/ more dried fruits(any kind you like), when it is almost ready to serve, toss in slivered almonds and a bit of chopped cilantro or mint and stir, serve Chicken on top of rice, and go get some NAAN bread at your favorite Indian restaurant for dipping!!!! A nice Sauvignon Blanc(Gordon Brothers of Washington State or Rose ( from same winery)goes well with this dish...and it is so colorful and pretty!!!!! I am craving it right now!!!!!