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Jan 31, 2008 04:36 PM

MSP- Mofongo, Anyone???

My husband and I just got back from a Caribbean cruise last weekend. Due to weather, our trip to San Juan was cut tragically short, and we were unable to get the mofongo we were craaaaving. Tonight we went to El Meson hoping to satisfy our jones, but the mofongo there was not terribly flavorful-- just mashed green plantains, pretty much, not even a whole lot of salt and pepper. Definitely not enough garlic and oil. The tamales were tasty but unusual- the corn and pork were distributed throughout the masa, not stuffed in the middle. We had some amazing empanadas (called pastelillos), and my husband had a whole fried snapper that he loved *I have a hard time getting over the hassle of picking through the bones). My Bistec Encebollado was tough but really flavorful.

So despite some good dishes, the mofongo left us wanting. I know Cafe Ena is owned by the same Hector and Erin, so we probably won't try there... any other suggestions for soothing the mofongo beast inside???

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  1. Puerta Azul in St. Paul has Mofongo, but only on Mondays. Call to make sure before you go. I've managed to get there once on a Monday, and I liked the Mofongo but wasn't absolutely blown over. I don't know if that's because it was just average or if I'm not a big mofongo fan. (I'm nuts about their chicken kabobs with black beans and rice, so perhaps I was pining for my usual meal.) But the mofongo was very comfort-food-like - I think there was meat in it, so it was meaty and starchy and rich. I could see developing a taste for this dish.


    P.S. I would offer condolences about the weather on your trip, but I don't feel too terribly sorry for you because you managed to escape the worst of the cold up here! But I hope the rest of your cruise was nice. And, yes, I am sorry you ran into bad weather!

    Puerta Azul (closed)
    1811 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55104

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      Puerta Azul was the first response in my head, too. A word to the wise: they close unexpectedly early, so do call ahead for their hours as well as their mofongo.