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Jan 31, 2008 04:20 PM

Courtyard Cafe or Studio Cafe?

We`re heading for a Friday night ROM excursion and would like to have dinner and a bit of wine after. I`m not so big on Yorkville as a whole so don`t know too many places. Does anyone have an opinion of one of these over the other? Don't want to go as expensive as Truffles...

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  1. I used to go to the Courtyard years ago. I don't think it would be as expensive as Studio Cafe, but when I used to eat there it was excellent (but that's going on about 10 years now). Depending on how long you want to walk in the cold, there's great places on Yonge Street that don't quite have Yorkville prices.

    1. We love the Studio... It's perfect for semi-casual people watching... Mind you, a snack at the Avenue Bar (downstairs) can be just as good!

      1. I agree that Yorkville dining is not my favourite scene.

        But Caren's Wine Bar is actually a pretty charming option. There are some good and reasonable selects if you're wanting "a bit of wine" and the food is very good. They do some nice cheese platters, the stilton burger is phenomenal, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting but without a lot of scene-y pretension .

        The Roof bar at the Hyatt is another good option. Overpriced drinkies, no doubt, but a really fantastic view, fireplace and wood paneling feel warm and cozy in winter, and food is decent (including a tapas-y menu), although not spectacular. Quite charming, and would be my hotel bar of choice in that area (I like Avenue at the Seasons too, but its definitely expensive and scene-y).