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Jan 31, 2008 03:57 PM

weekend lunch near Lambertville

A friend and I are meeting halfway between our houses and it ends up being Lambertville. Though I grew up not far from there, I have no idea what's there now. We would like good food that's not terribly expensive: sandwiches, salads etc. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Inn of the Hawke is a nice atmosphere with good food - very cozy. Tortuga's is very tasty Mexican food. I'm not familiar with that many Lambertville places other than those, but there's a lot of good ones. There's probably a lot of other people who have better suggestions. Walk across the river to New Hope and there's even more. Esca has good Italian in New Hope and Wildflowers is kinda funky interesting (they only accept cash). In New Hope, I would avoid Triumph Brewery unless you like beer, Havana's unless you plan on just a burger (they're stuff is never as great as you anticipate it being, although the garlic and provolone skillet appetizer has caused me to darken their door on occasion) and Martine's (reviews of the reincarnated version on this board say it has become rather disappointing).

    1. 1) Lambertville and New Hope are expensive!
      2) If you want to eat there, just walk up and down the streets and look at the menus in the windows. Hit all the little side streets in Lambertville as there are many and that's where the better restaurants are.
      3) Lot of nice little stores to browse at including Antiques.
      4) Not far away is Pennington and Hopewell and there are are a few nice restaurants there.

      1. Lambertville Station on Bridge Street has excellent food, service, and atmosphere...and the prices aren't outrageous. A must try is their vegetable soup...intensely flavored, slightly spicy, and really warming. They also have good salads, sandwiches and lunch entrees. Wonderful desserts and a comprehensive wine list round out the experience. Ask to be seated in Maria's station if you go. :)

        1. I agree with most of the postings above - I just ate at Tortuga's the other night with my family and it WAS tasty. And very reasonable. Haven't been to Inn of the Hawke in a long time, but always liked it. Like the Lambertville Station but it can be a little expensive for what it is. I do not recommend Wildflowers 9in New Hope).

          There's also Bell's Tavern in Lambertville.

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            I've wanted to go to Bell's Tavern for a long time. I've heard it's kind of old school, or whatever that implies. My buddy who lives in Lambertville says it's the last of a dying breed of true pubs in the town.

            Let me qualify what I said about Wildflowers, because your comment got me to thinking - it was not the best food I have ever had by a long shot, although the chocolate cake with the homemade blackberry ice cream was pretty spectacular. But the eclectic menu means anyone can find something they like and it was a fun place to eat. That said, we ate there in warm weather on the back open-air patio, which is probably not an option in the dead of winter. My friend who is vegetarian was delighted with the place. I think I had a reasonably good pot roast, while she had some sort of tofu stir fry. We both enjoyed the sangria:-) The dessert was great, as I said. I'll probably go back just because it was a nice change of pace, but in the warmer weather.

            1. re: Heatherb

              I know, the patio is very nice - but I've eaten there twice, (the second time against my will) and I thought the food was, at best, OK. (It's funny though - the friend i was with the first time is also a vegetarian and she really liked it too. :) ) I admit I never had dessert there, but I hate spending my money on a meal that's just OK. (I wish I liked it better, because that patio really is charming, but as you said, maybe not so much in the middle of the winter.)

          2. Here's a thread that may give you some other ideas:


            Given the description of what you're looking for, I'd suggest Lambertville Station or the Full Moon Cafe, both on Bridge Street. As someone else mentioned, Lambertville restaurants can be pricey.