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good happy hour food in west la?

any body have some suggestions for a bar/restaurant with good happy hour food in west la (santa monica, venice, culver city, etc)? been to chaya venice too many times...

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  1. can't go wrong at palomino's in ww.

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      what's the crowd like? is it all college kids/ frat types?

      1. re: lakeshow318

        nice mix of people. you have the college kids, grad students, young professionals, older professionals and retirees.

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        Agreed. The atmosphere is on the corporate side but they make great drinks and apps. I'm a little confused as to when their happy hour prices actually apply, but they're a great deal.

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          Palomino in Westwood, on the S/E corner of Lindbrook a block up from Wilshire and east from Westwood Blvd., is on the ground floor of a modern office building. It is not at all a student or frat/sorority hangout -- I'm not sure if they even gather at Acapulco or Westwood Brew Company any more. Palomino is much more civilized, with some small tables along the windows and some higher perches for groups further in, along with some seats along an interrupted bar. The service is reasonably professional, and the value is good during happy hour, which is something like 4-7. Drinks are basic beer and wine for $3, and there are other discount options as well. Food is the real draw -- small pizzas from the woodburning ovens are just $5 each, and bar food such as calamari or shrimp are half-priced, about $6-7 rather than low teens.

          I dearly miss the old Westwood Village happy hours. Two decades ago, we gathered at the former Cafe-Cafe for ultra-cheap $1-2 drinks and a free Italian buffet, and later the party moved to Yesterday's in the current Chili's locale for another fun unwinding and food fest. The old Stratton's, Alice's, Baxter's, and even pre-Madison's options all provided alternatives. It is a shame that Westwood Village just pretty much gave up -- my goodness, the old Hamburger Hamlet space has been empty for years and is close to campus and has parking in the back. Except for the one small public structure on Broxton, they never even attempted to solve the parking problems that always hurt revitalization.

        2. warszawa is great for happy hour in santa monica.

          zu robata is more wild at happy hour time on wilshire

          1. I like Robata Bar on Santa Monica & Ocean, AKWA on 5th & Santa Monica, and Enterprise Fish Co. on Main.

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              Akwa is closed. If it hasn't reopened yet, it will shortly as another Wokano. Can't say that Akwa was great, but Wokano?! :(

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                Really?! That's a little sad... I never went there for anything other than happy hour, but the discounted rolls were a good deal.

            2. 12 washington
              border grill
              il moro
              world cafe

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                If you are referring to Bite in Venice, it's gone (or relocated). the old spot is now yet another Cabo Cantina.

                1. re: PrettyPlaty

                  oy. as if we need another cabo cantina.

                  thanks for the update!

              2. il moro has a full on buffet for the price of a beer or wine, but i wouldn't say that the happy hour food is all that great.

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                  Have to 2nd that! Was totally underwhelmed at the food selection. Get real, canned veggies in mayo stuffed in a tomato? Also, completely lacking in Happy Hour atmosphere.

                  1. re: Fresser

                    Huh? Really? I hit it semi-frequently and they have chunks of parmesan, decent dried salami, shrimp cocktail, salmon kebabs, deviled eggs, foccacia bread. Sure some of the other items are mayo loaded stuffed veggies. But overall I think the food there is pretty good for a happy hour. It's certainly not stale nachos and popcorn.

                    Can't beat the pricing too. They have a decent selection of beers and wines.

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                      Not a happy hour per se, but the wine tasting on Tue. from 6 to 8 at Il Moro is worth checing out. For $25, you taste 5 different wines and all you can eat gourmet appetizers!

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                        I like il moro's happy hour buffet. It is quite similar, although more lavish, to the Italian bar buffet's I enjoyed in Florence and Tuscany. Quiet enough to talk, nice list of wine by the glass, places to sit and an older crowd.

                  2. Hals in Venice on Abbott Kinney.The Canal club across from James Beach Venice Blvd near the beach.Nikki in Venice on Market st.1 block from the beach.The Galley mixed crowd if you like Tiki style on Main st in S.M.

                    1. I am a fan of Beechwood for cocktails and happy hour - not for dining. However it can be a little quiet if you go early...but I don't mind that.

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                        Beechwood doesn't have any Happy Hour specials, just the regular bar menu.

                      2. Believe it or not, Santa Monica Bar & Grille on Santa Monica just west of Centinela has darn good 'bar' type food on the happy hour menu. This place used to be called '310,' and is practically empty on weeknights. The prices are reasonable and I have been impressed with the sandwiches (salmon & blackened chicken) the pizzas, daily soups, and the appetizer-type stuff. Try the buffalo calamari, wings, onion rings. Nothing exotic but kind of just what you asked for.

                        - BIM

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                          Actually, it's on Pico.

                          SM Bar & Grille
                          3321 Pico Blvd.
                          Santa Monica CA 90405

                        2. Locanda del Lago on Arizona & 3rd St. in SM has pretty good happy hour food. A nice place to meet up with friends before catching a movie across the street.

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                              Hi hrhboo -- Please tell us about The Arsenal. Been by there countless times, and every time I staggered out of the Indian place across the street, it looked closed. Worth checking out? Thanks.

                              1. re: terencio

                                Arsenal is my go-to place for work drinks and a bite. Drinks are great, and half the price of everywhere else (my gimlet is $8, instead of $16), and I love their grilled cheese sandwiches with the thick tomato soup for dipping.

                                Happy Hour menu consists of Chicken Skewers, Chicken Quesadillas, Sliders and something else I can't remember. Sliders are so-so. But the regular menu is so reasonable that it's worth getting the burger, instead.

                                1. re: yogachik

                                  Agreed. Draft beer is $3, martinis are great, really enjoyed turkey burger and mac n'cheese there recently.

                            2. I like the happy hour at French 75 in Century City Mall. 1/2 off champagne cocktails, live jazz band, descent appetizers. I usually always get their gourmet cheese sampler. For dinner I suggest their flat iron steak.

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                                It probably should be noted that French 75 is changing concepts to become Savannah on February 18.


                              2. i agree with the Palomino's suggestion...just be warned, this place gets SUPER crowded, especially on Thursday and Friday. you will likely have to fight for space if you get there after 5. but the HH drink and food special are great!

                                1. did anybody mention Backstage next to Sony in CC?

                                  1. I love Happy Hour at Abode, the 7 before 7 menu is delicious and excellent value. 7 before 7 at Violet is great too, but I'm not sure if they have any drink specials.

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                                    1. Ford's Filling Station Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4 to 5:30.

                                      1. Has anyone tried happy hour at Shanghai Red's in Marina del Rey? or happy hour at Darrens’ Restaurant in Manhattan Beach? Any other new suggestions?

                                        1. Hidden (just up the street from Chaya) is another option. Good pizzas, kobe beef tacos, sauteed mushrooms with pecorino cheese, and lamb chops.