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Oct 2, 2001 05:35 PM

Indonesian Food - need new place to eat

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Help! My old favorite Indonesian, The Agung, in Koreatown seems to have closed. Live in West Hollywood but willing to drive for the right place with good rijstaafel and a la carte offerings

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  1. There is one in Westwood called Ramayani, just north of Santa Monica Boulevard on Westwood boulevard. I am no expert on Indonesian food, but I've been twice and the food has been very mediocre. I have only said "yum" a couple of times! On the other hand, it appears to be filled with Indonesians and Singaporeans (is that a word?), so maybe it is authentic and just doesn't tickle my tastebuds, who knows. Good luck in your quest, let us know if you find a great place!

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      Richard Foss

      Ramayani was one of the only Indonesian restaurants in LA for a long time, and over the years the quality of the cooking has declined. The food is quite bland, and they seem to mainly serve rijstaffels using ingredients that have been pre-cooked. I'd go for the Banyan or Indo over Ramayani.

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      Carolyn Tillie

      In both Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach there is a restaurant called Banyan which is Balinese (does that qualify for Indonesian?). The one in Redondo, which is on PCH, is also a store and the one in Manhattan Beach is off of Highland.

      I like their Avocado shakes...

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        Adrian Hopkins

        Sorry, I couldn't find it on the internet or 411. Please help me out! Thanks!!

        1. re: Adrian Hopkins

          There is a write-up on calendarlive today.


      2. The advice posted here is right on. That thing on Westwood Blvd. is awful. Banyan has very good food and the most hospitable owners. But the South Bay is not overly convenient to weho.