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Jan 31, 2008 03:36 PM

Italian - Nice Place


Trying to find a good italian for a business meal next week, tried Babbo but they gave me 10.45 which its a bit lat for my preferences.

Can someone reccomend a good place, not a stuffy place or flashy place, just plain good food.? I thought about Felidias (is that the name of the place?) is it any good?

Village, Soho or Upper East/West, less midtown

Thanks a lot (in advance)

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  1. Crispo (if you can get in) and yes, Felidia is very nice.

    1. Crispo is wonderful but can be noisy, not sure if this would be good for a business dinner. L'Impero is comfortable and quiet and the food is great, if you don't mind the midtown location.

      1. I love Campagnola on the Upper East side. 74th and 1st Ave. Very good, hearty Italian food.

        1. Il Cantinori in the Village is great. Food is good and a nice atmosphere that is not stuffy. Fiamma in the Soho area is also good. If you can get into Lupa, that is top notch. On the Upper East, some good italian can be found at Paola's on 84th street, Ermina's, although that might be too cozy. More casual is Meditteraneo although the wait staff can be rude. Baraonda or Per Lei are also good choices on the UES.

          1. Ok, so we are setting for Crispo. Anyt decent bar/llounge (eeeek) to go nearby


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              Little Branch and Flatiron Lounge are reasonably close.