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Jan 31, 2008 03:26 PM

Pimentos Padron - where can I find these peppers?

I was in Portugal last month and they served this appetizer; pan friend with olive oil and sea salt -it was served everywhere - it was delicious and I want to try it but have no clue where I could find this pepper? Any suggestions? I know it is a Spanish pepper... I should clarify I am looking for these in the Seattle area

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  1. Harvest Vine often serves these (in season), you might ask them

    1. Maybe see Spanish Table and Big John's PFI.

      1. Are you looking for fresh Pimentos de Padron? Check out, a Spanish foods supplier. They get them from Virginia but they are not in season now. I don't recall having seen them at Spanish Table but give them a call. The Seattle location Western below the market is their flagship.

        1. I was in the Spanish Table over the weekend and they sell Pimento de Padron seeds. Supposedly they grow well here. I bought a pack so we shall see........

          1. Even better, you can buy them in season from Viridian Farms (

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