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Thai gem in Redwood City! Ka Ra Kade

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Ka Ra Kade is located on Woodside Rd. in Redwood City. The restaurant used to be called Woodside Thai Spot. Recently they remodeled and change its name. According to the owner, they didn't change ownership or chef. But for some reason, the food seems to taste so much better!

So far I've been there for lunch twice and both times I was very pleased. The lunch menu consisted of regular Thai offerings of various curries, rice and noodle dishes ranging from $6-$9 each. They also have a special a la carte menu that really shines (the speical menu is more pricer ranging from $9-$15). The halibut curry with steamed vegetables was delicious. The fish was fried first then coated with a light red curry sauce. The curries themselves are very clean tasting. Not heavy-handed which leaves you with nothing but coconut flavors in your mouth.

The complmentary salad is a mix of iceberg lettuce and some cucumbers and shredded carrots. The dressing is a tangy sesame sauce that works well with the salad. Everything is served in nice white plates. The presentation is definitely a notch above most lunch spots.

The downside to this place is the unpredictable service. This place used to be always empty. There is only one wait person and probably on chef in the back. But now it seems the word has gotten out and so sometimes the whole place is filled up and still there is only one waiter. Regardless though, he tries hard and the food is good, so I would definitely go back.

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  1. The halibut sounds good. How are the spice levels? How hot is medium spicy?

    Ka Ra Kade
    593 Woodside Rd # 6, Redwood City, CA

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      You can specify how hot you want things to be. I asked for medium and it was fairly mild I thought. But I'm pregnant right now and can't have very spicy food (fear of heart burn) so it was fine by me. The spices are used very judiciously. It's wasn't about how hot it was, but the overall flavor of all of the spices.