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Jan 31, 2008 03:07 PM


I want to make a cassis reduction recipe that calls for demi-glace. I've never purchased any -- ever. I understand quality/flavor varies considerably. Which brand would you buy that is readily available in Manhattan? Which store has the best prices?

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  1. I sometimes buy it at Citarella. They make their own, though I believe they use veal and chicken stock. D'Artagnan also makes it, and you can usually find that at Fairway on the top shelf of the organic poultry section.
    Truth be told, neither is that good, but I don't often feel like roasting bones and going through repeated deglazings, so I accept it as a necessary shortcut.

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      Hmmm, I've seen those and you confirmed what I suspected about these not being all that great. But I, too, have no time to go through the process...

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        I use these as well on occasion, but I know that Dean & Deluca also sells a different brand - don't remember the name though.

      2. Williams-Sonoma sells Chicken, Beef & Veal demi-glace at $29.00 a jar.

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          I actually prefer the Williams-Sonoma demi-glace vs D'Artagnan's

        2. Maybe I'll do a stock reduction as a sub...
          Thanks for tips everyone!

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