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Jan 31, 2008 02:55 PM

Taco trucks

I want to know where the best taco trucks are? I am looking for tongue and tripe tacos, where do I find them?

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  1. I'll have to get back to you on this one, my buddy is an FBI agent and was raving about one truck in particular, esp. the tongue tacos. I'll call him later today and find out.

    1. I haven't found tripe yet but there's a great Post-Katrina taco truck turned mini-chain here in Nola. They have two trucks, one tiny restaurant, and one food stand on the Westbank I think. I go to the restaurant on the I-10 Service Rd W in Metairie. When you're on Clearview headed towards Airline, pass over the interstate and immediately make a u-turn onto the service road. It's tiny and easy to miss but it's about a block and a half/two blocks in. They have a couple of different taco options: lengua (tongue), chicharron (skin), pork, beef, fajita, chicken and maybe another one? They also have gorditas, mexican tortas (sandwiches), carne asado plates, and on the weekends, some soup specials i think. My favorite thing is their homemade hot sauces. DO NOT SKIP THEM. They always have the green one and sometimes a red or orange one. Also, they carry horchata, fruit juices like tamarindo, and a bunch of Latin sodas like Manzana Lift (my favorite). They're menu is pretty limited but THEY ARE AWESOME.

      The funny thing is, they're one of the taco trucks that Jeff Parish tried to chase out!

      1. One more thing that makes them great-- they're open really late. Until about 2 most nights and at one point, 24 hours on the weekend. Not sure about now but definitely still late.

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        1. re: missmable

          What's the name of this place?

          Also, when you're headed toward Airline on Clearview from which direction?

          1. re: mikemill

            Haha, I'm always terrible about directions. Headed towards Airline from Veterans. I'm pretty sure it's called Taqueria Sanchez. Like I said, it's tiny and easy to miss but right on the service road. They almost always have a taco truck parked next to it (at least at night when I've gone).

            1. re: missmable

              Is it that white and blue shack looking place?

              1. re: Juvu

                OK, my buddy said the there are two taco trucks out by the new Lowe's out on Elysian Fileds, that both have really good tongue tacos.
                He also mentioned a new mexican restaurant , which he could not remember the name of, but said is located in the same strip of stores that Angelo Bracatto (sp?) is in on Carrollton right by Canal St. which he said has excellent tongue tacos, not sure about the tripe though.

                1. re: roro1831

                  Thanks everybody will be check them all out after the weekend!!!!

                  1. re: cheesegrater

                    We stopped at Taco San Miguel today. They have tounge tacos and tripe (Fri-Sat-Sun only)

                    Their new hours are 8 am - 6 PM Mon- Sat
                    close early Sunday

                2. re: Juvu

                  I think so. I always go there at night so I'm not really paying attention to the building. And I confirmed, weekdays, open 'til 2, weekends, 24 hours.