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Oct 2, 2001 02:41 PM

L.A. meal I won't forget -- recommendations?

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Well, that subject's misleading: I'm going to be in LA this weekend for a friend's wedding, and I'd love to go somewhere great Saturday night. Either neato New American whatever or so-called "ethnic" joints: LA's got amazing Thai and Japanese, right?

Price doesn't really matter; what matters is the meal: I want something I won't forget.


-- Matt

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  1. Lucques is an outstanding choice if you can get a reservation at 323-655-6277 (8474 Melrose near La Cienega). May be the best in LA for the total package. Great ambiance, superb food. call asap, tho. Is California/French-ish in nature. Not cheap either.

    1. If you're in the mood for seafood and, assuming you don't live in Seattle or Boston, I highly recommend The Water Grill.

      You might want to check out some of the recent posts about it.

      Good luck.

      1. Well, if you want fabulous thai, and don't mine nonexistent atmosphere, Renu Nakorn is the place for you. See the archive for more posts about it - and don't worry that the owners are concentrating on other restaurants now. It is still fab! (And very spicy, if you like that.) Or, with slightly more atmosphere, but still not 'nice', is Krang Tedd, which has an amazing variety of interesting thai dishes.

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        1. re: SusanB

          Where is Krang Tedd? Maybe I'm missing something,
          but I can't find it either by phone book, Web search,
          or chowhound archive search.

          Thanks very much.

          1. re: Phil Agre

            It might be spelled Kruang Tedd . . . try that. It is around the 1500 block of Hollywood boulevard, about a mile east of the 101, in Thai town.

            1. re: Phil Agre

              Tedd Kruang is at 5151 Hollywood Blvd across from Panos Bakery, per my reverse telephone directory (323) 663-9988.

          2. Lucques is great. If you want to go a little less expensive, and more new American than mediterranean, try The House on Melrose. It's excellent. For Thai, Jitlada on Sunset is always good. Japanese, I know most people would say Matsuhisa but I hear it's gone downhill. I like Hirozen and Ita-Cho on Beverly. I'm going to a wedding this weekend too!

            1. Well, I agree with others -- Kruang Tedd is fantastic Thai food -- on Hollywood Blvd. I was there last week and had a red roast duck curry that was rich, filled with duck meat (some of the restaurants skimp). I also ate a shredded green papaya salad that was first rate. Check the boards, others have written about it and recommended their favorites.

              If price is no object, pick up the phone immediately and try to book a reservation for Chinois in Santa Monica -- Wolfgang Puck's place. Unbelievable food.

              Yongsusan, an upscale Korean restaurant, has been much touted around here -- although I confess I keep eating at all my cheap and cheerful Korean places and haven't made it there yet. Again, check the boards -- people wax eloquently about this one.