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Jan 31, 2008 02:28 PM

Bottega Fiorentina on Newbury is open!

I was out on a assignment today and saw the grand opening signs. I only had a few minutes to pop in and take a look but it has the feeling of their Brookline location. Everyone was very welcoming.

There a few tables and I imagine they will use the patio in summer. There is a small selection of good Italian grocery products, some meats and cheese and a few items ready to go. They list Antipasto, salads, sandwiches, Made To order Pastas and some desserts.

The hours are 10 to 10 daily. I think this will really fill a void in the old neighborhood.

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  1. where is the newbury street store located?

    1. My 3 coworkers and I ate there on Wednesday. It's between exeter and fairfield, i think.

      Some kinks to work out, but overall a good addition to the nabe.

      We all ordered pasta 4 difft kinds with 4 difft sauces. I also ordered ribollita because I love it. We also split a focaccia/mozarella/tomato panini as an app.

      Panini was good but the tomato was crappy tasteless Stop and Shop variety.

      Soup -- only I ordered it but they brought us three. It was good, but nothing like how it's actually made in Italy. More like minestrone than ribollita.

      Pasta itself was good but the sauces were a bit disappointing. The marinara and bolognese were said to be bland tasting. My puttanesca was good. I'd order it again. But there was WAY too much sauce on the pasta. It was drowning it it. We scraped the sauce off the pasta and dumped into our soup cups. That much sauce sort of ruins it for me. Even my boss who is very big on loads of sauce thought it was too much.

      One guy was served unsauced pasta and had a hard time geting that fixed, as the place got a bit busy and the service hectic.

      Portion sizes are not huge.

      We all had dessert and they were all good -- cannoli, lemon tart, berry tart and some creation with puff pastry, whipped cream and lady fingers.

      Service was very friendly.

      Their sandwiches looked very good as did an antipasti platter (except for those anemic tomatoes).

      Priced a bit high for what you get, but I will definitely go back.

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        I wonder if this location is fully owned by the folks in Coolidge Corner or did it involve franchisees/investors as does the location in Newburyport (and possibly Brookline Village)

        1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

          Seems to be fully owned: the man himself appeared before the licensing committee

            1. re: galleygirl

              Yes, they got Marcello's license, I believe. And, you need a victuallers license just to serve food.