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Postum Substitute

Kraft evidently stopped making Postum ( http://www.chow.com/grinder/4524 ) last fall and we just opened our last jar. (I had quite a few jars stocked up and may yet find one or two more. I see they are selling on the internet for $25) I've been drinking it regularly for at least 30 years. Yes I like coffee too, but to me Postum was not a coffee substitute, it had its own unique flavor. We've tried Pero and it is OK but not my favorite. Other suggestions would be very welcome.

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  1. No ideas for a sub...but I have to admit I don't think I saw Postum in the last 30 years. I remember my mom drinking it once in awhile. Just hearing the name though I was able to recall the taste.

    1. i take it you are not looking for an Ovaltine type thing?

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        Thanks. I haven't had Ovaltine in many many years. Isn't it a sort of sweet chocolate or malt mix for milk? Postum is (or was) a grain product (wheat bran, wheat, molasses, and maltodextrin (from corn)). Although it has molasses it isn't very sweet.

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          there are a few variations on this...but i thought it was an enriched chocolate type drink. It's supposed to be high in iron or something i think....i haven't had it in years either !

      2. I always found postum a bit sweet.

        Right now I'm drinking Barley Tea from Japan called mugicha. Koreans also have a version that I think uses whole barley, not hulled barley called boricha. It has the dark roasted flavors that Postum has, but might need a hit of molasses or honey to emulate the taste and mouthfeel of postum.

        I got it from JBox.com, they don't seem to have it in stock right now, but I've seen it on Amazon and you can probably find it at a Japanese or Korean grocer.

        I've also had it at a cafe where they make it into a latte, so it stands up well to milk.

        1. There is a drink called Horlicks, from Asia. I buy it at my local asian market or I bring it back from Singapore. My kids love it. There is also a product called Nestum, from Nestle that may be closer to what you're looking for.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I remember Horlick's malt from the 1960's but had never heard of Nestum. I'll try to find some in Asian markets.

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              You might try Cafix--look for it in the 'natural' section at the supermarket or anyplace that sells 'health food'. Or Roastaroma by Celestial Seasonings, in bags.

          2. I found another jar of Postum, so the situation is not yet at crisis level. Also picked up some Roma at a Whole Foods. Swiss product, distributed by Kellogg containing malt barley, barley, and chicory. I had a few cups and may be able to get accustomed to it.

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              I thought I saw some in a grocery store recently- it's been discontinued?

            2. Trying to find a replacement for my mother. She said Roma will kind of do even though it's not the same but Pero is stronger (too strong for her taste) and neither are as sweet. I'll have to check into the barley tea. That sounds like a better option.

              1. Postum Fans,

                I have solved our Post-Postum problem! (Actually, my Japanese girlfriend has solved it and I'm merely reporting it to you.)

                We found a Polish product called INKA Instant Grain Beverage that is about as close to the taste of beloved Postum as one can imagine.

                It is truly delightful.

                A little research yielded the fact that it is imported into the US by a firm in Brooklyn, called Adamba Imports.

                Details below:

                New York Office
                585 Meserole St.
                Brooklyn, NY 11237
                fax: 718.628.0920


                1. Inka is very similar. i also like the celestial seasonings tea called roastaroma, although it is not so similar to postum.

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                    Yes, I like Inka too. I haven't tried Postum but I definitely prefer Inka to Cafix, Pero, Roma. (Pero will do if I can't find Inka.) I make it 2-3 times as strong as the package recommends.

                    Lately I've been making my Inka with hot milk and foaming it with my new AeroLatte. It does a great job of mixing the powder, which can otherwise tend to lump up.

                  2. Pero (available at Amazon) in canisters is good if you enhance it:
                    -heaping teaspoonful of Pero
                    -large PINCH of sugar
                    -dash of nutmeg
                    -hot water
                    -half&half cream

                    1. My nutritionist turned me on to a product years ago called Dandy Blend and I've been drinking it ever since. Friends that I have shared it with say that it reminds them of Postum, but with the benefit of dandelion.
                      You can buy it at www.dandyblend.com, but I get mine at www.organichealthforlife.com since the shipping is a lot less.

                      Oh, I just saw Postum on ebay for $255.

                      1. I found a product called "BarleyCUP" while I was travelling in the UK. It is made in Polland. It tastes very much like Postum and smells nearly the same too. It's not as strong as Postum so I'm using 1.5-2 times as much for a similar taste.