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Jan 31, 2008 02:22 PM

Postum Substitute

Kraft evidently stopped making Postum ( ) last fall and we just opened our last jar. (I had quite a few jars stocked up and may yet find one or two more. I see they are selling on the internet for $25) I've been drinking it regularly for at least 30 years. Yes I like coffee too, but to me Postum was not a coffee substitute, it had its own unique flavor. We've tried Pero and it is OK but not my favorite. Other suggestions would be very welcome.

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  1. No ideas for a sub...but I have to admit I don't think I saw Postum in the last 30 years. I remember my mom drinking it once in awhile. Just hearing the name though I was able to recall the taste.

    1. i take it you are not looking for an Ovaltine type thing?

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        Thanks. I haven't had Ovaltine in many many years. Isn't it a sort of sweet chocolate or malt mix for milk? Postum is (or was) a grain product (wheat bran, wheat, molasses, and maltodextrin (from corn)). Although it has molasses it isn't very sweet.

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          there are a few variations on this...but i thought it was an enriched chocolate type drink. It's supposed to be high in iron or something i think....i haven't had it in years either !

      2. I always found postum a bit sweet.

        Right now I'm drinking Barley Tea from Japan called mugicha. Koreans also have a version that I think uses whole barley, not hulled barley called boricha. It has the dark roasted flavors that Postum has, but might need a hit of molasses or honey to emulate the taste and mouthfeel of postum.

        I got it from, they don't seem to have it in stock right now, but I've seen it on Amazon and you can probably find it at a Japanese or Korean grocer.

        I've also had it at a cafe where they make it into a latte, so it stands up well to milk.

        1. There is a drink called Horlicks, from Asia. I buy it at my local asian market or I bring it back from Singapore. My kids love it. There is also a product called Nestum, from Nestle that may be closer to what you're looking for.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I remember Horlick's malt from the 1960's but had never heard of Nestum. I'll try to find some in Asian markets.

            1. re: carl555

              You might try Cafix--look for it in the 'natural' section at the supermarket or anyplace that sells 'health food'. Or Roastaroma by Celestial Seasonings, in bags.

          2. The original comment has been removed