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Jan 31, 2008 01:54 PM

DB Bistro: Is The Burger enough?

Am finally heading to DB Bistro next week for the first time and have my heart set on The Burger. My question is, will The Burger be enough for lunch for someone with a normal appetite? Or, should I also order plan on ordering an app and/or a dessert? I don't want to have a huge meal, but also don't want to be hungry in an hour after eating. If The Burger won't be enough, are there any app/dessert standouts that I should know about? Thanks so much for the input!!

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  1. I think it is enough. I thought it was good - but not "out of this world" - just so your expectations aren't too too high!

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    1. re: MMRuth you think the burger has slid a little? I am not talking a downhill free for all, I just think it is a victim of its own success.

      Being greek I feel like I "should" dismiss my vote for the lamb burger at Anthos, but I won't. Sublime to say the least....

      1. re: thegreekone

        It's been a good year or more since I've had it - so I can't say really. I wanted to try it once, and did, but it is not something for which I have a real craving.

    2. You will be plenty full. The burger is quite large and comes with some potatoes. If you are going with someone else, perhaps you could share an appetizer or dessert, but I would be really full at lunch after the burger.

      1. I would guess that the burger should sate any average size lunch appetite. I have to say that I was really unimpressed by the burger when I had it last fall, though. Hope you enjoy it more than I did!

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          I agree with MMRuth and slcorlis. If you are looking for a great burger at a sit down restaurant in Midtown, you should consider Anthos for the lamb burger or just a steakhouse like Bobby Van's.

        2. I am really disappointed to hear the so-so reviews of what I had been led to believe was The Burger. I guess my expectations really had been built up so maybe I'll rethink lunch at DB. Thanks CH'ers for your input. Invaluable as always.

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          1. re: Almondine

            Hey, Almondine,

            I haven't had the db burger. However, if you a looking for a sensational burger, I highly recommend the "hamburguesa" at Pamplona, which is composed of beef, suckling pig and chorizo. It's served on a brioche bun and accompanied by a generous portion of fries and a small salad. $18, which is a bargain when compared with db's $32 price tag. If you are still hungry, finish with Chef/owner Alex Urena's seriously delicious churros or his excellent homemade sorbets.


            1. re: RGR

              Thanks for the rec RGR, I'll put the Pamplona burger on my list. Yes, I have been craving a really great burger and have meant to get to DB for years since its burger first hit the scene. I need to stay in midtown for this particular lunch this week, and based on all these posts think I'll cancel my res at DB and look for somewhere else. Maybe Anthos, although have been there too often to be excited about it.

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                You might want to consider going to Marseille, the attractive, bustling brasserie on the corner of 9th Av. & 44th St. Excellent French/Mediterranean cuisine, and if you still have a craving for a burger, the one they serve is actually very good.


            2. re: Almondine

              i went last year for a business dinner and opted for the burger...i thought it was kinda gross to be honest...very undercooked, very flimsy and kinda nauseating with all of the stuff in it.

              i thought the whole place was a bit of a mess to be honest but that burger really left me with a bad impression of the place.

            3. DB burgers aren't small. I wouldn't worry at all about being not full after the burger (and the fries that come with it). I went with a guy friend and my bf who are big carnevours and only eat meat - and it was enough.